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Changelog: 0.0.1A-0.0.4A - The Early Days

0.0.4A - 23rd June, 2018

  • Added a Manual (Acquire by Right Clicking a Console With A Book)
  • Added Fast Return Switch
  • Added Telepathic Circuits
    • Allows you to teleport to any biome (must type in exact name) within 5000 blocks of the exterior
      • Figure can be adjusted in config
    • Teleport to any online player in the same multiplayer server. 
      • Player cannot be teleported to if they have a Biodampener in their inventory
  • Added Door Switch - opens doors from the interior
  • Added a travel timer to The TARDIS's Screen
    • Displays remaining time left in flight time
  • Added Sonic Pen - variant of base Sonic Screwdriver
  • Added full set of Space Suit 
    • Helmet
    • Chestpiece
    • Leggings
    • (Boots not needed)
  • Added a way to reset the Controls (Shift - Right Click on Console)
  • Change the way players enter the TARDIS (Walk In)
  • Entities can now enter / exit TARDIS
  • Compatibility with Sub's Weeping Angels
    • (Sub's) Weeping Angels will steal the TARDIS key from player's inventory
  • Made Space Suit Compatible with Galacticraft
    • Provides infinite oxygen and Level 1 Thermal protection
  • Fixed Tardis landing sound still playing After The Landing Took Place
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • Fixed two server crashes
  • Bug Fixes

0.0.3A - 3rd June, 2018 

  • Fixed crashes on a dedicated server.
  • Misc. Bugfixes

0.0.2A -29th May 2018

  • Added config option for the TARDIS's dimension ID
  • Bug fixes!
  • Changed the model of the Tardis key.
  • Fixed some of the Meglos blocks.
  • Added Cloister bell sound when Tardis crashes.
  • Made the Dalek ray glow.
  • Renamed Isotope 64 to Trionic Power cell.
  • Linked the Interior door to the exterior door and vice-versa.
  • Added Animations for some controls.
  • Added sounds for the doors opening / closing

0.0.1A  - First Release -26th May 2018


This changelog is a work in progress due to lack of documentation


  • Temporal Laboratory block