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For Modpack Developers

Information for modpack developers who wish to add the mod into their modpack.


World Generation

World generation configurations are primarily located in the Common Config.

In the future, some of these options are planned to be removed in favour of using Datapacks.

Client Side Rendering

These options are primarily location in the Client Config.

Tardis Dimension Travel Blacklisting

By default the End dimension is blacklisted from the Tardis' available dimension list. You can remove this blacklist, or add more using the Server Config.

Bigger On the Inside Portals

The Bigger On the Inside portal rendering is a work in progress and such you may need to configure it to better suit your performance and compatibility needs.

Server-side Packet Overloading

Some known issues with this feature is that it can sometimes send too much packet data which will kick players off servers in multiplayer. When BOTI takes account of blocks in other world, some modded features contain much more NBT data than vanilla, which can cause the packet data to exceed the hardcoded limit, which results in a disconnect.

To mitigate this issue, you can add a specific Block ID or Entity Type ID to the various BOTI blacklist config options in the Server Config.