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Meet the team!

Lilith: Hey, I'm Lilith, I'm the main programmer and owner of the TARDIS Mod. I pretty much handle most of the code / final decisions.

Suff: Hey! I'm Suff! I work on the Regeneration and Weeping Angels Mod.
I'm slightly insane and am pretty much tired 24/7, I work on the Tardis mod and help out when I can spare some time to do so.
I mostly break things and have Spectre yell at me when I change the registries.

Usually I help out with issues and crash reports, or well, do my best to.

Suff's YoutubeSuff's TwitterSuff's Github

Lotux: Hey ! I'm Lotux, I work on the K9 mod and on the Handles mod (2 addons of TARDIS mod). I translate the team's mods into French in my spare time, because we're nice people. I bore Sub and Spectre with questions about Forge very often, but they seem to be holding up.
I've added a lot of commands, interior hums and a few other little things in the "New TARDIS Mod".

Lotux's TwitterLotux's Github

DocArcane: Hi, I'm a freelance artist that colors comics and draws monsters for a living. I'm also making models and textures for the Tardis Mod (and others). My speciality is making steampunk stuff.

DocArcane's Website

50ap5ud5: Hi! I'm 50ap5ud5, I'm one of the developers of the mod. I help develop new features, liaise with the mod's users, fix bugs and maintain its documentation.

50ap5ud5's Github