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Changelog: 0.0.7A

0.0.7A Hotfix 2 -11th September, 2018

  • Fixed Sonic Screwdriver crashing the game.
  • Fixed Monitors only working within 8 blocks of the console
  • Added French Localization

0.0.7A Hotfix 1 -10th September, 2018

  • Added Telos dimension
  • Write pending keys to json if player is offline
  • Added sonic screwdriver port on consoles
    • Hell Bent
    • Human Nature
  • Added Bessie
  • Added Adipose
  • Added Signal Mode on sonic screwdriver
    • Sets the player’s current position to the Tardis’ destination coordinates.
    • This does not summon the Tardis - only Stattenheim Remote does so
  • Fixed BOTI
  • Fixed Cinnabar ore from not being destroyed by explosions
  • TARDIS can consume rifts from Dimensional Doors Mod - refuels artron banks
  • Added new console sounds
  • Added Camo exterior 
    • Oak tree with leaf colour changes depending on biome 
    • Cactus when in desert biome
  • Added living animations to Cybermen
  • Made gold weapons do more damage to Cybermen
  • Made BOTI render the sky
  • Made Telepathic Circuits use the target dimension (destination dimension)
  • Added confirmation screen when regenerating the console room
  • Added Companions
    • Friendly mobs that can befriend player if rescued (right click on companion to do so)
    • Has following abilities
      • Follow/wait for player
      • Return to the player’s Tardis
    • Has “Companion XP” that increases when the companion watches the player fly the Tardis using manual flight mode (“console dancing”)
      • After companions xp exceeds 0.03XP, the companion gains a new ability - fly Tardis to player’s current position.
  • Added Electric Panel recipe
  • Added Chameleon Circuit recipe