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For Mod Developers

Information for mod developers regarding compatibility.


We don't have our own Maven, but you can use Jitpack to add the New TARDIS Mod to your mod workspace. 

Example: Regeneration Mod build.gradle

Gameplayer Mechanics

Tardis Behaviours

Control Entity Movement

Some mods such as CarryOn may shift the positions of Control Entities, which are the user input interfaces for the Tardis Console Unit. Please consider adding a block tag that allows modpack developers to blacklist the Tardis Control Entity 

Interior Change

During interior change items inside containers, including modded IItemHandlers, will be copied over to a Reclamation block which saves these items for the player to recover later.

This can be exploited for certain containers such as modded Ender Chests that are tied to ItemHandler implementations. If this is the case for your mod, please consider adding your block to the reclamation_blacklist block tag under data/tardis/tags/blocks.


Forge Capabilities

World Capabilities

Space Capability

A capability that allows a world to have "Space" properties, such as oxygen level

Custom Forge Events

Tardis Events

Tardis Take Off/Land Events

Events that fire when the Tardis exterior takes off (disappears from the world) and lands (exterior is placed back into the world).

TardisEnter/TardisLeave Events

Events that fire when an entity enters or leaves the Tardis Interior dimension via the Tardis exterior doors or Tardis interior doors respectively. 

Living Events

Space Air Event

Fires when an entity is damaged by a lack of oxygen in dimensions which have our Space Capability attached.