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Changelog: 1.4-1.4.1-The Renaissance Update



  • Feedback from snap keybind



  • Method to unlock Panamax Interior
    • Gain Hero of the Village Advancement and get “hugged” (attacked) by an Iron Golem


  • Hard dependency for Forge version 28.2.23 so users will receive a better error message when they do not use that version of Forge


  • Made it where you can right click the TARDIS entity to get it to go back to block mode
  • Increased the amount of time you have to do to initiate Time Rams
  • ARS Egg GUI
    • Left clicking a block button will now only give you 1 block at a time
    • If you hold Left Shift on keyboard and left click, you will get 16 blocks

Bug Fixes

  • Artron values flickering in some multiplayer servers
  • You could go over the maximum artron limit when refuelling
  • Exterior block being deleted when the Exterior Remat Type is set to PULSE
    • Caused by exterior duplicate removal system logic bug
  • Plaque Block not showing in any creative tab
  • Plaque Block and Diagnostic tool now showing username, and always using uuid
  • Plaque Block not dropping itself
  • Library room containing an interior door entity inside
  • Advancements not unlocking their respective interior/exterior
    • Due to advancement folder structure change, unlock method was not updated to use new folder structure
  • Added friction to the TARDIS entity
    • Tardises will no longer be able to fly into the air forever when moved by explosions
  • Made the monitor show you the correct dimension when in flight
  • Reverted change that made people take damage when entering
  • Made username be shown with Diagnostic tool and Dedication Plaque instead of UUID

1.4 - The Renaissance Update


This update focuses on many quality of life (QoL) updates, innovative features, bug fixes as well as making many systems data driven. 

Among these data driven systems, is a new system that allows you to add your own Console Rooms into the mod without needing to learn how to code. 

More information here: Tardis Mod: Data Driven Console Rooms Release Document 

An overhaul was made to the flight system which made it possible for users to stay in the Vortex (flying limbo without materialising the exterior). If the stabilisers are left off, the Tardis will be able to stay in the Vortex after it reaches its destination until you pull the throttle down to 0,or wait until a component or fuel runs out. 

Additionally, this flight update allows for the introduction of custom events. One of these is the Time Ram, a multistep event which involves another player's Tardis. You must collaborate with the other player to prevent both Tardises falling out of flight. 

We are proud to showcase our implementation of the Dynamic Tardis Chameleon Circuit system. This allows your Tardis exteriors to take on different structures such as cactus, trees or villager huts depending on the biome type and surrounding blocks at the destination point 

Some of you may have noticed our previews about adding the moon and space dimensions. This will not be in this update. It was the original focus of this update, but due to the support we’ve received for adding quality of life enhancements, and the fact that the space concepts have not been fully fleshed out yet, we decided to go with the former instead.

Upon release of this update, please UPDATE YOUR FORGE VERSION to 28.2.23. The mod will not load without using this new version as it uses a feature added by this version of Forge.

Important Notes

This version of the mod requires Forge Version 28.2.23 for Minecraft 1.14.4



  • /tardis exterior command in favour of /tardis interior. 
    • The /tardis interior command allows for more precise syncing between interior and exterior. 
    • Previously, it was possible for /tardis exterior command to teleport you to a cached position and not the real-time position of the exterior.



  • /tardis remove_exterior - removes the exterior of the Tardis at specified block position. This is because /setblock command will no longer work on the exterior

Configuration Options

  • Client side config to toggle rendering of monitor scanning mode
  • Client side config to blacklist certain blocks from rendering in the monitor scanner
  • Client side only config option - allows you to toggle whether the Vortex Manipulator will open when you right click with an empty hand
  • Collision range config - determines block radius in which tardis should collide with another tardis if both Tardises are within this range. 
  • ARS Deletion config - configures number of seconds required between deleting an ARS Room


  • Added the ability to add your own console rooms into the mod. 
  • Added a data pack entity type tag file called “Ignored_alarm_entities”.json. This allows entities to not trigger the Tardis alarm.
  • Datapack json file called "tardis_proof". Tardises won't be able to land on any of the blocks listed in this file


  • Security Drone Entity
    • Hostile mob that will become a pet when “tamed” 
  • Tardis Mod Dimensions can now have oxygen levels, and any players that don't have enough oxygen will suffocate and take damage
  • New Clothing - Spacesuit! Protects you from suffocating
  • Distress Signal Function for Vortex Manipulator - allows you to target specific player Tardises with distress call
    • Accessed as a sub function of the teleport function


  • Waypoint Bank
    • Adds more 5 waypoint slots to the Tardis 
  • Holo Observatory
    • Adjusts the skybox of the current dimension for your screen
  • Tardis Plaque
    • Decorative sign that shows the owner of a Tardis when placed inside the Tardis. 
    • Shows uuid of Tardis owner if the player who looks at it doesn't have the owner's username stored in their usernamecache.json file in minecraft install folder
  • Transduction Barrier - 
    • A machine block that stores a landing code which prevents Tardises from landing in a 32 block radius around the block if the Tardis' landing codes don't match the barrier's codes. 
    • It will redirect unauthorised Tardises to land somewhere else. 
    • Requires sonic screwdriver to modify and view landing codes.
  • Tardis Landing Pad 
    • Allows a Tardis to home in on the block's position and land there if it is within 16 blocks on the tardis' destination position. 
    • If a Transduction Barrier is nearby and the Tardis’ landing codes don’t match the transduction barrier’s ones, the Tardis will not land at the landing pad. 
  • ARS Structure Void Block
    • Allows any corridor or room to be deleted. 
    • To use this, right click with an ARS tablet on a Corridor Kill block that is located at the entrance of a room. 
    • A countdown will show on screen showing time to deletion. In Creative mode this countdown time will be reduced
    • A cooldown will apply to ARS tablet items when a room has been deleted. The cooldowns are configurable using the config file. In Creative mode, the cooldown is removed
    • If you are inside the deleted room, you will be teleported to the console. 
    • You cannot create a new room whilst deleting an existing room
  • Oxygen Sealer Block, checks for “non-permeable” and “permeable” blocks in an area. If a room is entirely made of non-permeable blocks, you will be able to survive in the room without a fully enclosed spacesuit.
    • The Oxygen block itself is permeable, so make sure you place it inside the room
    • Config defined permeable blocks shown in “tardis_oxygen_config.json” file in the config folder
  • Airlock block.
    • A multiblock door that prevents air from escaping when closed. When opened, allows for easy access to the exterior of a build
  • Rotating Monitor
    • A Tardis monitor that can rotate to face any direction by sneak and right clicking on the block. Right click to open the monitor gui
  • Holographic Ladders 
    • Ladders that don’t require a support block


  • Tardis Diagnostic Tool- locates your Tardis and shows its subsystem health
    • To track your Tardis exterior, look around the world with your mouse whilst holding the item in your hotbar. If you are looking within 10 degrees on either side of your Tardis exterior, the item will show a green arrow pointing to the exterior, and play a beeping sound. 
      • There is a 1 second response delay between syncing updates to improve server performance
    • You can also track the console unit block using this item if you are in your Tardis interior. This can help you navigate when you've created alot of rooms
    • Shows subsystem health when looking at the console 
    • Shows the owner of any Tardis when you look at an exterior.
  • Monitor Remote
    • Changes the view angle of the monitor scanner mode
    • Adjusts the arm length of the Rotatable Monitor Block. 
    • Sneak and Right click on a Monitor Block to open the GUI
    • NW (North West), SE (South East), Orbit buttons indicate the direction of view
  • Waypoint Data Crystal
    • Transfers waypoints between Tardises
    • Given via reclamation unit when you change interior which previously contains Waypoint banks. This helps you restore old waypoints
  • Artron Capacitor (Medium)
    • Adds 128 additional Artron Units to total fuel banks
    • Adds Recharge multiplier of 1
  • Artron Capacitor (High)
    • Adds 256 additional Artron Units to total fuel banks
    • Adds Recharge multiplier of 1


  • New ability to limbo in the Vortex
    • If you turn off stabilisers, you will continue to fly even after you reach your destination, allowing your exterior to not materialise until you want to.
    • You can still use the monitor scanner whilst in Vortex Flight
    • To exit Vortex Flight, pull the throttle down to 0 (sneak and left click).
  • Time Ram Event
    • if you and another TARDIS’ flight paths cross, a time- ram happens
    • the TARDIS colliding with the other gets a special event, (complete with custom sound and alarm) if they fail they fall out of flight, taking massive damage, and the rammed TARDIS takes damage too
    • If the pilot who is causing the ramming succeeds in preventing the ram, the TARDIS being rammed gets a different custom event. If they fail, both TARDISes take massive damage and crash in the same place
    • If both Tardises successfully complete their custom events, the two Tardises will materialise in the interior of the other, which avoids any damage to the subsystems.
  • Fully dynamically changing Chameleon Circuit Disguise Exteriors.
    • These exteriors will try to pick a disguise that blends in with the world.
    • E.g. If in a desert, tries to become a cactus
  • Added the ability to “snap” open the Tardis doors using a keybind
    • Tardis Loyalty must be more than 100. 
    • The key is H by default. 
    • You must be within 20 blocks of the exterior to do this.
  • Rifts - allow users to extract artron energy from it or refuel Tardises quicker. 
    • Has a 0.1% chance to spawn in any chunk within a 3 chunk radius of the player every 20 seconds
    • All rifts within that 3 chunk radius have the ability to increase their power reserves by 10% every 20 seconds
  • All exterior blocks are now fully waterlogged. 
  • All Tardis Consoles that contained a “monitor” as part of their model will now display the monitor block’s information on the model!
  • Tardis Custom names will display on different parts of the exterior instead of always above the exterior. 
    • The position is dependent for each exterior. 
    • E.g. A police box will show the custom name on the Pull to Open Door, whilst the Trunk Exterior shows the name on the front section of the exterior.
  • Screen shaking 
    • Your screen will now shake during:
      • Tardis takeoff
      • Tardis landing 
      • When using Unstabilised Flight mode
      • When you are inside an ARS Room that is about to be deleted, screen will shake
      • If the exterior is hit by a projectile or explosions and you are inside the interior.
  • Your Tardis will play a sad cloister bell sound when you die
  • Anti Gravity Monitor Protocol. 
    • If turned on, prevents the exterior from falling when the block beneath the exterior is broken
  • Landing Code Monitor Protocol 
    • Sets the Tardis’ Landing Codes. 
    • If the landing codes matches that set in a transduction barrier block, the Tardis will be able to go through the barrier
  • Forcefield Protocol 
    • Prevents pilots from being sucked out into space. 
    • Does not prevent pilots from being sucked out during flight, however. 
    • Uses 1 durability of the shield generator subsystem every second
  • Interdimensional Fluids 
    • Any fluids (modded or waterlogged blocks) outside the exterior door will now flow into the interior via the interior door. 
    • Currently this only works for exterior to interior.
    • Known Issue: Flowing fluids will repeatedly appear and reappear at the interior. This is being looked into for future updates.
  • Your Tardis will prevent you from being sucked out if the doors are open. This requires a certain amount of loyalty. (which we won't disclose to keep it a surprise) 
  • Xion Console (with texture variants)
  • Neutron Console (with texture variants) 
  • Architect Interior
    • Unlocked by default
  • Toyota Interior
    • Unobtainable unless you use /tardis unlock interior command
    • Using mc functions in datapack advancements is not possible
  • Coralised Interior
    • Unobtainable unless you use /tardis unlock interior command
    • Using mc functions in datapack advancements is not possible
  • Traveler Interior
    • Unlocked by entering 6 structures:
      • Shipwreck
      • Stronghold
      • Desert Pyramid
      • Mineshaft
      • Woodland Mansion
      • Jungle Temple
  • Panamax Interior
    • Locked by default
  • Envoy Interior
    • Unlocked by trading with a villager that holds a good reputation of you (if their prices are discounted), then right clicking the villager after you traded with them.
  • TT 2000
  • Clock Exterior
  • Phased Optic Shell Exterior (Dynamic exteriors depending on surroundings) 
    • Disguises include:
      • 2-3 variants of Jungle, Acacia, Oak, Spruce and Birch trees
      • Cactus
      • Stone Pillar
Subsystems and Upgrades
  • Added Shield Generator subsystem 
    • Prevents other subsystems from being damaged when the exterior is damaged
    • Gets damaged every second when the Forcefield is in effect
  • Hydroponics agriculture room
  • Large Hydroponics Room
  • Archive Library Room
  • Anti gravity shaft
  • ARS Tree Room


  • Large Coralised Roundel
  • Small Coralised Roundel
  • Metal grate trapdoor
  • Tech floor dark pattern slab
  • Tech floor dark pattern stairs
  • Tech floor dark pipes slab
  • Tech floor dark pipes stairs
  • Tech floor plate slab
  • Tech floor plate stairs
  • Tech wall dark blank slab
  • Tech wall dark blank stairs
  • Regolith Sand
  • Regolith Packed
  • Ebony Bookshelf - Decoration
  • Alabaster Bookshelf - Decoration
  • Tardis Plaque Block - Decoration
  • Large Coralised Roundels
  • Small Coralised Roundels
  • Tech Wall Lamp Roundels
  • Biodome Glass - Cool looking glass that drops itself when broken, unlike vanilla glass



  • /tardis interior command now works more like a vanilla teleport command. The new syntax for this is:
    • /tardis interior - teleport yourself into your interior
    • /tardis interior [target] [destination_player’s_tardis]


  • Tardises can now travel to the End again, a workaround was implemented to allow the end portal to not override the exterior. 
    • This will remove 2 pieces of bedrock in the end portal in the End Dimension
    • This workaround means you can no longer use /setblock on the exterior
  • Your player will now retain its rotation and yaw when entering/exiting the Tardis. 
  • Tardis refuelling is now slower
  • Tardis refuelling can take fuel if the Exterior is parked in a rift chunk. 
    • This increases overall recharge fuel intake
  • Coral Console Model and new texture variants
  • Coralised Roundels and Coral Dividers now use new textures
  • Coral console monitor now uses its own gui texture
  • Model G console now has a monitor on the console with its own gui texture
  • You can no longer change the dimension, fast return and XYZ controls whilst in flight. Fixes an exploit where you can change dimensions, etc without using more fuel.
  • You can no longer use the /setblock command to remove Tardis exteriors, you must use the /tardis remove exterior command
  • Tardis Monitor Exterior Facing now gets the cached value of the exterior direction, instead of the actual direction of the exterior that is updated every tick. 
    • Reduces performance cost when users place down hundreds of monitors to abuse servers
  • Tardis Exteriors now have gravity
    • If you break the block beneath and there is a gap larger than 1 block, it will fall until it hits a solid block.
  • Tardis Exterior will now hover if anti-gravs are enabled and the block beneath it is broken
  • TARDIS Exteriors can now take damage, from both explosions and projectiles
  • If a Tardis Exterior lands on an entity when it falls, it will damage the entity
  • Tardis Exterior render distance has been extended to 128 blocks
  • Tardis will now close its interior doors during flight only if the pilot of the Tardis is the owner, preventing the player from being sucked out. 
    • For non owners, the Tardis won't shut the door and will let the player be sucked out
  • If any player is mounting an entity such as a chair during flight, if the door is open they will also be sucked out
  • If you were sleeping in a bed when the door sucks you out, you will be woken up and sucked out
  • Any hostile mobs that was attacking the player at the exterior will now continue to chase the player into the interior’s dimension
  • Any hostile mobs that was attacking the player in the interior will now continue to chase the player to the exterior’s dimension
  • Tameable entities such as dogs or cats will now be able to follow the player in and out of the Tardis if they are not sitting
  • Fluid links AND Artron Capacitors are now required to refuel
  • Console will now produce spark particles and sounds if important subsystems (Dematerialisation Circuit and Fluid Links) are under 30% health
  • The Exterior block will now support plants
    • Allows for disguises that involve crop blocks to not easily pop off the crops
  • Tardis Waypoints now require Waypoint banks.


  • Anti gravity particles updated to show circular pattern instead of enchantment particles 
  • Toyota spinny block is now a multiblock, allowing for better block collisions.
    • You now need a 3x3x3 area to place it


  • All subsystems and upgrades will have tooltips that can be accessed by hovering the mouse over the item and holding the Shift key
  • Dimension names in dimensional control now have the first letter of a word capitalised
  • Sonics now use up charge when an action is processed successfully. The charge used up depends on the target, some blocks or entities may take up more charge
  • Sonics can now be charged via the Charging Panel in the Tardis Engine
  • Sonic Mode - Tardis Coordinates will now print target position to chat
  • Sonic will now show warning to player if the target block or entity is not valid
  • Sonics will now show the landing code of a Transduction Barrier Block
  • Sonic Screwdrivers will now use a cooldown when action is processed successfully and when switching modes. This gives time for the server to sync the sonic’s data and prevent abuse of the sonic functions
  • Waypoint delete button now shows a confirmation screen. The delete button is also shifted higher so you don't accidentally click on it if you opened the Waypoints GUI
  • Feedback for when a map is used on the monitor
  • Better particle positioning for Quantiscope


  • TardisHelper#getConsole method is now a LazyOptional
    • If any addon mods are targeting this version, please update your compatibility handlers
  • Flight Logic has been reworked.
    • Before: Flight time will count down until 0
    • New: Flight time will count upwards until it reaches the amount of flight time for the journey
  • TardisRegistries are now a ConcurrentList. 
    • This means there are less chances of addon mods loading before the Tardis Mod and causing the game to not load.
  • Added TardisForgeRegistries
    • An additional registry to TardisRegistries that uses Forge’s native registration system to add addon features for your mods.
  • Added an oxygen API for other space mods to hook into. 
    • Checks for any blocks that have the “permeable” block tag (adjusted via datapacks) and let oxygen escape through it. 
    • Unlike other mods, it will not replace air blocks with modded air blocks, so it won’t conflict with other oxygen systems.
  • Tardis damage is now calculated as follows:
    • Damage to each subsystem = (Damage / No. Installed Subsystems)
    • If Shield Generators are installed:
      • Other sub systems won’t take damage
      • Damage to shield generator = (Damage / No. Installed Subsystems)
  • WELD RECIPES List moved from to

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Sonics mode desync issue, required users to restart world for it to work again
  • Fixed Tardis Exteriors and ARS structure tiles having a desync issue on multiplayer, singleplayer and LAN worlds. The issue caused users to have to relog to make either tile work again.
    • (Needs testing, if this is not resolved, report this to our issue tracker, including steps to reproduce the issue)
  • Tardis energy capability returning undefined value when trying to add the FE buffer to Tardises created in older worlds
  • Tardis Mod blocks not able to transmit redstone signals through them
  • Trunk Exterior advancement description using mismatched translation key
  • Daleks could not be killed with the /kill command
  • Cybergun lasers spawning before they are actually fired, causing a visual issue where it seemed like a duplicate laser entity appears right before the laser is fired by the gun
  • Possible undefined value server issue when Tardises in old worlds created in v1.2 are converted to v1.3, the new energy buffer in 1.3 would return null and freeze the server
  • Typo fixes to manual entries
  • Ship’s Computer not being saved by reclamation unit - didn’t have the item handler capability attached
  • All Tardis mod slabs not dropping two slab items if the double slab blockstate is broken
  • Players sucked out the Tardis becoming stuck in blocks after exiting the vortex
  • Tardis cloister sound could be heard over extremely long distances when it is in range of a bell that was clicked by player, now only rings roughly within 3 chunks (as originally intended) 
  • Patch to Roundel Tap recipe conflict with Artron Convertor, gave Roundel Tap new unique recipe
  • Stattenheim Remote and Tardis Key owner tooltips crashing the client if the owner of the key is not online, now caches username of the player’s uuid and in the case where username is null for some reason, displays raw uuid
  • Tardis exterior duplication bug that occurs when someone pilots a Tardis away, but the owner is near death, so the Tardis will still fly away but also spawn a new exterior block on the owner.
  • Unintended behaviour of Vortex Manipulator blacklist looking for any match, meaning if you typed the ModID of one mod, the entire mod’s dimensions will be blacklisted. You will now need to type individual dimension names for each dimension you want to blacklist
  • Getting sucked out of the Tardis and into the Vortex would place the player in bedrock when they exit the Vortex. You will now end up at the Tardis exterior position
  • Quantiscope recipes sometimes not showing on the client unless the user relogs
  • Unstabilised flight QuickTime events will be less likely to continue to explode more than once after you miss a control
  • Exploit where right clicking with a map on the monitor would allow you to travel to dimension the map was made in. This allowed people to travel to blacklisted dimensions
  • Exploit where the Ender dragon can teleport into the console room and destroy the console. This may not crash servers but it would dupe the exterior and cause syncing issues between the interior and exterior. 
  • All Exteriors and consoles will now be immune to Wither and Ender Dragon block breaking actions
  • Server crash when Tardis materialises below y level 0
  • Addressed monitor scanner mode bug being “locked up”.
  • Monitor scanner image not being saved when the world is reloaded
  • Control animations always showing default state when world is reloaded, now shows last state of the control
  • Fixed Exterior to interior animations and sounds being out of sync with each other
  • Fixed Vortex Manipulator Scanner Function not scanning from the player’s position
  • Fixed Alembic causing a Compatibility crash with Botania ItemFinderItem
  • Fixed a bug where opening the inventory of a Storyteller Villager would crash the client if you’ve already bought a map from it before.
  • Fixed Minecraft shields causing the Tardis Monitor to unable to show its scanner feature until you relog
  • Attempted to address a critical server issue where Tardis landing can cause a world to stop responding and lock up. 
  • Fixed entities with the fish inside interiors that have the Tardis-entities_to_kill tag not actually being killed when the interior changes
  • Made a patch to help address Tardis exterior duplications - if the Tardis thinks it is in flight but it is not actually dematting or rematting for more than 2 seconds, it will remove the exterior.
    • If duplications continue to occur be sure to find out how to reproduce the issue, then report it to Gitlab issue tracker