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Changelog: 1.3-1.3.1-The Corridor Update


Bug Fixes

  • Tardis interior lighting always shows sad lighting for old worlds upgraded to 1.3, even when its mood is ecstatic. Caused by an unfinished rgb lighting feature not having a valid default value. This has been removed
  • Better foliage compatibility crash
  • Check for reclamation unit to not be placed if there are no items to put in it, fixes demat sound being heard when changing interiors
  • Missing Localisation for Trunk Exterior advancement, and console texture variants
  • Blank Upgrade item using the filled upgrade item texture instead of the blank upgrade one
  • Missing manual entries about the new flight events, ars room generation system and the Temporal grace circuits
  • Vortex Manipulator Functions not working on the server
  • Anti Gravity Block TE not saving its range values on chunk reload
  • ARS Tablet not showing all structures in the gui, all pages should now show up. 

1.3 - The Corridor Update


  • Stattenheim Remote Recipe, it will return later and is intended to be difficult to obtain



Room Generation System

  • ARS Tablet - used for generating corridors and rooms!
  • ARS Structure Block - Used to allow corridors and rooms to be created at the block’s position
  • ARS Structure Void
  • User generated rooms/corridors!
    • Tardis owners can create new rooms or corridors by selecting a room type with the ARS Tablet, then right clicking with the tablet on an ARS Structure Start block
  • Corridors
    • Straight corridor (short and long) 
    • T junction
    • Left turn
    • Right turn
  • Rooms
    • Library
    • Laboratory
    • Storage Room
    • 3 Workspaces


  • Coral Console
  • Type 40 Mk1 Console
  • Art Deco Console
  • Model G Console (Toyota Console, used by 12th/11th Doctor)


  • Modern Police box exterior.
  • Safe Exterior (Safe as in shape of a security locker, not that you will be any safer mwhahahaha) 
  • TT capsule exterior


  • Abandoned Steam Interior - this is now the default interior for newly created Tardises
  • Updated Steam, Nautilus, Jade, Omega interiors to work with the corridor system 

Controls, Protocols

  • Monitor Control - allows you to open monitor gui for some Consoles that have a monitor part in the model
  • Monitor sub menu - Timeship Flight Information - allows you to view information normally rendered on the monitor block, except for the External Scanner monitor mode
  • Texture Variants protocol, allows you to change exterior/console textures. Accessed via Interior Submenu Properties menu in the monitor gui
    • Texture variants for Steampunk, Trunk and Fortune Teller exteriors
    • Texture variants for Trunk Exterior, Steam Exterior, Nemo Console, Steam Console, Toyota Console, Galvanic console 

Subsystems and Upgrades

  • Electrolytic Convertor Upgrade - allows living entities in water around a 16x16 block radius around the exterior to be able to breathe, requires fluid link system to function
  • Structure Locator upgrade (Creative Only for now) - locates modded and vanilla structures
  • Temporal Grace Circuits - new optional subsystem that allows players to not take damage when in the Tardis interior

Emotional systems

  • You can now perceive your Tardis' mood by sneak right clicking the telepathic circuit control, then sleeping in a bed that is placed in the Tardis interior dimension

Energy Systems

  • Tardises now have a Forge Energy Buffer. This allows Forge energy capable objects to interact with the Tardis. See this diagram for a visual interpretation: 
  • Tardis Exterior now takes energy from the Tardis' artron banks via other mod cables. Connect a power source to output into a Roundel Tap, then connect cables up to the Tardis exterior to take out energy.
  • Artron Capacitor - allows the Tardis to gain and use fuel - without it, you cannot fly the Tardis. Artron capacitors are placed in the “Artron” panel of the Tardis Engine
  • Leaky capacitor - default artron capacitor that spawns in the engine when you first unlock a Tardis - it has low capacity and very low recharge rate 
  • Artron batteries are now functional, and use Artron energy. Can be charged by using the charging panel in Tardis Engine 
  • Roundel Tap, allows you to push or pull FE from / to the Tardis’ FE Buffer when inside the interior
  • Artron Converter block - allows you to convert Artron Units (AU) to Forge Energy (FE). Right click on it to turn it into an Artron Emitter, which allows for Forge Energy to be converted to Artron Units

Blocks and Items

  • RCA Monitor - monitor variant
  • Psychic Cube - a one time use block that allows nearby Tardises with Interstitial Antennas installed to pick up the signal and load the beacon’s coordinates to the navcom. Place it down and right click it to activate it. 
  • Toyota Spinning Rotor - animated decoration block that plays sounds and animations during flight. Only plays animations and sounds when placed in the Tardis interior dimension. 
  • Blinking light decoration block
  • 3 new chair blocks! 
  • Pirate style Tardis key - decorative
  • Iron Quantiscope - texture variant
  • Port of the Super Structure Block Mod by Spectre0987 - a custom structure block that allows for unlimited sized structures. Used for creating new interiors


  • Unique sounds when opening certain monitor GUIs
  • Vortex Manipulator battery function - opens a container that allows you to insert artron batteries. This container is unique to one instance of a Vortex Manipulator itemstack
  • Vortex Manipulator Scanner sub function - reads out number of hostiles and other players near you. This is a sub function of the battery function
  • You now use up and down arrow keys to cycle through the Vortex Manipulator Sub functions when the Vortex Manipulator gui is open
  • Plains variant of Observatory, Observatories now spawn in Plains biomes
  • New unstabilised flight events 
    • Exterior bulkhead - requires door switch
    • Dimension Drift - this should be obvious
Commands and Permissions
  • Command feedback when /tardis commands are executed
  • Added “Tardis Administrator Permissions System” - certain protocols can now only be executed if the user is the Tardis’ owner and the loyalty is greater than 50. These protocols include:
    • Change Interior
    • Change Console
    • Generating rooms/corridors with ARS Tablet
  • Command: /tardis unlock [interior/exterior] [*] - unlocks all exteriors/interiors if you use * as the fourth argument
  • /tardis setup command. Makes your existing Tardis ready for flight and gives you a Tardis key

Configuration Options

  • Config option for interior change cooldown time and interior change fuel usage
  • Config options for Vortex Manipulator Teleport Range, Side effects, cooldown, fuel consumption


  • TardisHelper#getConsoleFromWorld now expects a Lazy Optional, update your addon mods if they used this method
  • Added a system for Vortex Manipulator to have hierarchical, parent and child functions
    • E.g You can sync an unlimited list of child functions to a parent function
  • Quantiscope recipes are now Json based and can be adjusted by datapacks
  • Tardis interiors that allow corridors to connect to it must have an ARS Structure Block placed exactly 30 blocks horizontally away and 1 block above the Console Unit, facing north from the console. This allows for the interiors to seamlessly connect with existing corridors when you change the interior
  • Tardis Interiors now have a 60x60x60 size limit via saving structures using the Super Structure Block. (If the size were larger there will be potential large performance issue, as the interior structure needs to clear a radius the size of the largest interior, which can be extremely large)
  • Tardis doors now suck you out into the Vortex if you open them during flight, you won't get sucked out if you are behind a block. When you exit the vortex you may be teleported into blocks, so be prepared to take suffocation damage!
  • Tardis doors no longer automatically close when you start flight. Be careful of intruders entering the Tardis when you take off and don’t get sucked out of the interior!
  • Missing a control in unstabilised flight now has more severe consequences, which are related to the control. E.g. Missing the Dimensional Controls makes you teleport to random dimension, missing refuel control makes your Tardis lose more fuel
  • Change Console, Change Exterior indexes now start from the last one you selected. so you don’t have to keep cycling from the beginning of the list
  • TARDISes can no longer travel to the End dimension AT ALL (including waypoints previously set in the End). This eliminates a conflict with vanilla MC behaviour where if the end was not unlocked via end portals, end portals at 0,0 of the end will delete the Tardis Exterior block after the Tardis lands because the portal structure is always placed last.
  • Tardises will now teleport any entity it lands on into the interior!
  • Tardises will now try to save its owner if it has a loyalty of over 100 towards the owner, and the owner’s health is below 3 hearts by landing on the position from when the owner was last damaged
  • Tardis loyalty can only be increased/decreased by the owner of the Tardis, this means it can slow down malicious attempts by users to change the interior of another user’s Tardis
  • Tardis loyalty gain rates are now changed
  • Tardis refuel rate significantly slower
  • Tardis refuelling now requires an Artron capacitor to be placed in the Artron panel of the Tardis Engine
  • Steam, Nautilus, Alabaster, Jade, Omega Interiors updated to support corridors/rooms
  • Tardis mood lighting is now brighter to better indicate the Tardis’ mood
  • Broken Exteriors now play a sparking sound whenever sparks fly out from it
  • Telepathic circuits search results are no longer required to be case sensitive


  • Recipes for Tardis Keys, uses Ender Pearl instead of Ender Eye, and each variant has an identifier item to make the variant recipes more easy to remember and craft
  • Anti Grav blocks now requires to be toggled on and off with redstone signals, can no longer be activated/deactivated by hand
  • Sonic Screwdrivers can now display the Forge Energy reading of blocks that are capable of using Forge Energy. This requires the sonic mode to be set to Block Interactions mode and the player must hold the sonic when looking at the Forge Energy capable block
  • Tardis Mod blocks with the TARDIS_LIGHT blockstate property (E.g. Roundels) will now emit a redstone signal, with the signal strength depending on how bright the interior lighting is set to
  • ARS Egg block GUI - ARS Corridor Start block, monitors, blinking lights and other blocks added
  • The Broken Exterior now plays a spark sound when displaying the lava particles.
  • Quantiscopes now play a spark sound when repairing or crafting items
  • Tardis owner tooltips now show entity display names instead of UUID
  • Tardis interior change cooldown will be instant if you use it in creative mode
  • Crashed ship computers can now use loot tables, meaning randomised loot can generate 
  • Crashed Ship computers have a random chance of containing a schematic of a police box or modern police box
  • Crashed ship generation tweaked
  • Vortex Manipulator Item model fix - hinge parts on the open variant are now more smooth
  • Vortex Manipulator item model now changes to open state when gui is open, and changes to closed state when gui is closed
  • Vortex Manipulator can now be used even if you aren’t holding the item, it just has to be in your inventory. If you have more than one Vortex Manipulator in the inventory, the itemstack closest to slot 0 will be selected. If you are holding a Vortex Manipulator itemstack, it will still behave as before. 
  • Vortex Manipulator now renders on the opposite arm of your player’s main arm if the player is not holding the item and the item is in the inventory (Rendering animations are a Work in Progress)
  • Vortex Manipulator will now take fuel when in the Vortex dimension, if you don't have enough fuel you cannot start another journey
  • If a player teleports over half of the teleport limit with the Vortex Manipulator, the player will now receive potion effects
  • The height at which you teleport to in the Vortex dimension via the Vortex Manipulator will now scale depending on how far you set the coordinates. Larger coordinates means you take more time to teleport and use more fuel
  • Reclamation Unit usage enhancements - taking items out is now smoother’
  • Texture update for Grate blocks


  • /tardis create command has an optional parameter for player name, allowing you to create a Tardis for another player


  • New advancement to unlock the Safe Exterior, enter an End Stronghold
  • Advancement required to unlock trunk exterior - enter a shipwreck

Bug Fixes

  • Client null value crash where if you already bought a map from a storyteller villager, clicking on the same villager causes the client to crash
  • Monitor scanner mode being able to change its field of view if you sprint towards the block whilst looking at it
  • Fixed Tardis light blocks range not being able to be modified by interior light properties after a certain range
  • Tardis mood draining too quickly if left alone
  • Telepathic Circuit client crash when searching in search bar
  • Sleeping in the Tardis dimension not starting the sleep timer like vanilla beds, caused vanilla phantoms to keep spawning even after sleeping
  • Vortex Manipulator getting players stuck in a loop in the Vortex dimension if they spam the teleport function (blocked users from opening the Teleport gui whilst in the Vortex Dimension and added a method to change the player’s destination to overworld if they somehow set their destination to the Vortex)
  • Metal grate stairs dropping the incorrect block item
  • Metal grate block dropping the incorrect block item
  • Fixed Alembic item duplication bug
  • Reclamation Unit not saving items from previous interior change event if you didn’t take items from the previous event out of the container
  • Ship Computer not dropping inventory Items
  • Stattenheim Remote tooltips not updating properly
  • NullPointer Server crash involving the Tardis attempting to teleport entities without an entity type. Fixes fishing rods used on the Tardis doors causing servers to crash. 
  • Player experience not being saved on the client when teleporting through the Tardis doors
  • Life Scan Protocol no longer includes armor stands
  • Fixed player potion effects being lost when teleporting through the Tardis doors
  • Fixed Quantiscope recipes sometimes not being synced between the client and server
  • Fixed a server crash involving the Anti Grav block unable to be rendered on the Scanner mode of the Tardis Monitor
  • Telepathic Circuit search radius being bit shifted by 4, causing the centre of the search radius to start close to world spawn and not from the exterior as originally intended
  • Sonic casing not syncing properly