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Mod Compatibilities


The Tardis Mod has added specific logic to be compatible with the following types of mods:

  • Just Enough Items Recipe Mod
    • We have added compatibility with JEI to allow you to see our custom recipes!
  • Custom Dimensions
    • The Tardis timeship can travel to any mod’s dimensions. Dimensions can be blacklisted by adjusting the configuration file.
  • Forge Energy
    • Transfer Forge Energy within the Tardis using a Roundel Tap, or pipe energy from the exterior to the interior! 
  • Item Transfer
    • Items can be transferred within the Tardis using the Item Access Panel!
  • Fluid Mechanics
    • Fluids from the exterior of the Tardis can flow into the interior through the doors if the Shield Generator is not active!


These mods are designed to complement the Tardis Mod and require the Tardis Mod to be installed beforehand!

  • Handles Mod [ Link ] 
    • Allows you to program custom Tardis functions with the CC:Tweaked Mod!
  • The Master's Delight Link ]
    • Adds additional features such as a mechanic to blacklist the End dimension until you kill an Ender Dragon, additional Console Rooms and Console Units.
  • Artron Converters [ Link ]
    • Adds a block that allows you to convert Tardis Artron Units to Forge Energy and vice versa.
  • More Time Capsules Mod [ Link ]
    • Adds additional Exterior and Console Unit Models!
  • More Vortex Manipulators [ Link ]
    • Adds more features to the Vortex Manipulator Item.


These standalone mods add special behaviour that activates if the Tardis Mod is installed alongside them. They don't require the Tardis Mod to work.

  • Doctor Who - Weeping Angels [ Link ]
    • Weeping Angels can drain Tardis fuel if let inside the Console Room and can change the Tardis' destination!
  • Doctor Who - Regeneration [ Link ] 
    • Regenerating in the Tardis can damage it!
  • Repurposed Structures [ Link ]
    • Adds new variants of the Observatory Structure to their custom Villages! Requires download of their compatibility datapack
  • K9 Mod [ Link ]
    • Adds the eponymous K9 robot dog from Doctor Who! K9 can remotely pilot the Tardis and and repair it!

Incompatible Mods

The following mods can cause technical conflicts or detract from the New Tardis Mod's gameplay experience.


Performance-enhancing mods such as Optifine are not compatible with our Bigger On the Inside portal and Tardis Interior Lighting feature.

This is because Optifine uses invasive techniques which changes alot of vanilla Minecraft engine code. They modify many systems, from lighting, rendering to even world generation. This means they may change or remove many systems this mod relies on.

Additionally, Optifine's source code is not publicly available, meaning we cannot work with their rendering changes.

We recommend you use mods such as Magnesium (Forge version of Sodium) as they do not have the same issues as Optifine, provides better or equal performance and has source code that is publicly available. 

Immersive Portals/Better Portals

This mod is likely to be incompatible with Immersive Portals/Better Portals. This is because these mods also change alot of vanilla Minecraft code, so they may change or remove systems we rely on in this mod. 

Hence, you may experience game crashes or rendering issues when using both mods togethor. 

We likely cannot do anything about compatibility with these mods because they apply their changes early in the mod loading process. 

Better Weather

Better Weather stops a critical system of the Tardis Mod, Minecraft Forge Capabilities, from working. When this happens, the Tardis Engine block is disabled (You may see the message "You can only use this inside the Tardis" even if you are inside the Tardis), attunement of Tardis Keys and other systems may be non-functional and can cause a game crash.

This issue is being worked on, but until it is resolved, please do not use this mod with the Tardis Mod.