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Changelog: 0.0.6A

0.0.6A - 25th August, 2018

  • Tardis Coral Block
  • Tardises are now obtained by growing a Tardis coral
    • Place down coral to start growth process
    • Takes 4 Minecraft days, 2 Minecraft days if coral is placed in a rift chunk
    • Can be sped up using the /time set 23999 command
  • Removed original interior
  • Roundel blocks can no longer be exposed by Sonic Screwdriver
  • Tardis rooms/corridors can no longer be generated - build your own
  • Added Hellbent interior
  • Added Communications system 
  • Added Thirteen's Sonic
  • Stopped Beds from exploding in the TARDIS dimension
  • Made monitors a block instead of an entity
  • Made the interior door moveable
  • Added camera shake on takeoff and landing (Configurable)
  • Added Suggestions to the Telepathic Circuits interface - now has buttons which input all available biomes/players. Removes need to type biome name 
  • Added Commands:
    • grow - Grows the TARDIS Coral you're looking at
    • transfer - Transfers ownership of your TARDIS to the specified player
    • tp - Teleports you to your TARDIS interior
    • summon - Summons your TARDIS
    • remove - removes your TARDIS from list of owned ones
  • Added ability to remove components of your TARDIS
  • Added knocking when a player left clicks your TARDIS exterior
  • Fixed cybermen spawning too much
  • If a filled map is right clicked on the Tardis monitor, the Tardis will travel to the coordinates of the map’s centre
  • Updated open Tardis door behaviour - nows sucks all entities out and deposits them at start of Tardis flight path (i.e. Where it took off) - does not kill entities.