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Changelog: 0.1.3-0.1.3A - The Artron Update

Alpha 0.1.3A (MC 1.12.2) - 12th March 2020

  • Fixed a bug with old Tardises having 0 artron when converted to the new artron unit system

Alpha 0.1.3 (MC 1.12.2) - The Artron Update

Released: 12th March 2020

This update brings some major updates to the Artron fueling system and fixes a number of bugs.

  • BOTI
    • Fixed SOTO being mis-aligned by about 12 blocks
    • Made interior door update BOTI info instantly after opening
  • Artron
    • Completely rewrote fuel, now has actual units instead of just a percentage
    • Added a recharge config open, being in a rift will double it
    • Costs
      • 1AU/S in flight, 0.5 if unstabilised flight 
      • Artron capacitor now fills 100AU
      • Food machine cost 5AU per food 
      • Added Artron Banks - Machines you can place in the TARDIS to add capacity to max Artron
  • Added functionality to VoidSpecs
    • They now spawn particles in nearby rift chunks
    • Are not obtainable by placing wool in a sonic workbench
  • Protocols - to balance the Artron re-write, you can use the escape protocol with any fuel amount (including zero), but It will always drain the banks completely
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Entities can now enter the TARDIS
    • The Player no longer can get thrown into the void when exiting RWF
    • One of the interiors not being centred inside the room