Changelog: 0.1.1A

0.1.1A - 13th August 2019


  • Real World Flight


  • Food machine can now produce bread in rift chunks in other dimensions
  • Tardis toolkit now takes durability damage when used
  • Tardis hum sound now at lower volume
  • Tardis now automatically dematerialisation if Thermocouplings are repaired

Bug Fixes/Enhancement

  • Tardis coral stages now actually show growth stage
  • Significant BOTI performance improvements
  • BOTI now displays rotations correctly for stairs and fences
  • Invasion Cybermen now has correct model
  • Being unable to turn the player's head when riding BessieĀ 
  • Fix for OTG incompatibility
    • Added null checks to hellbent monitor
  • Fixed client crash when adjusting Tardis hum
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