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Vortex Manipulator


The Vortex Manipulator is a portable means of transportation. It can teleport the player to any set of coordinates in the player’s current dimension. Crafting Recipe Name Ingredients Recipe Vortex Manipulator Strap 1 x Wool (Any colour) ...

Stattenheim Remote

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

The Stattenheim Remote is a device that can force a Tardis to land at a particular location. While it is effective as a remote control, it is detrimental on the Tardis' health.   Crafting Recipe   Name Ingredients Recipe Stattenheim Remote (Blank) ...


Tutorials About the Tardis

The New TARDIS Mod is a Minecraft Forge Mod founded by Spectre0987. The flagship feature, the TARDIS has a wide range of features. While its features and functionality are based off the show Doctor Who, its implementation and usage have been modified for gamep...

Wiki Documentation Guidelines

Wiki Utils

The Tardis Mod wiki allows any user to edit its wiki, provided they are granted the Editor role. The following guidelines need to be followed by editors to ensure the wiki content is well organised and consistent. Wiki Articles Article Content Clarity and...

Tables:Crafting Recipe

Wiki Utils Templates

Template and specifications used in Crafting Recipes Template Name Ingredients Recipe [Name of Block] [Amount] x [Item] Items must be ordered alphabetically Image of recipe   Specifications Name of Block Capital case letters for Pro...


Wiki Utils Templates

[Name of block in Title] Introduction Name of block - in bold Type of feature: Block/Item/Clothing/Mob/Vehicle/Control/Tardis-related/Miscellaneous Image of block - put in table with annotations if block looks similar to another block E.g. {@https://ta...

Frequently Asked Questions


General Q: Is this mod a continuation of the original Tardis Mod by ShaneDarkholme? A: No, while the New Tardis Mod was inspired by the original mod, it has no relation to it. Q: Who made this mod? A: The New Tardis Mod was created by Spectre0987 and the c...


Deprecated Features Removed Features

This feature has been removed in version 0.1.0A and no longer exists in the latest version of the mod. The Holoprojector was a block that displayed the chunk around the Tardis exterior.   Acquisition As of 0.0.9A, there was no method to obtain the Holo...



Deprecated Features Clothing-1.12

This feature has been removed from version 0.1.1B The Spacesuit is an armor set that protects the player from a variety of environments Acquisition The Spacesuit set consists of the Spacesuit Helmet, Spacesuit Chestpiece and Spacsuit Leggings. As of 0....

Tardis Key


The Tardis Key is an item that is used to lock and unlock the Tardis. Crafting Recipe Name Ingredients Recipe Tardis Key 1 x Exotronic Circuit 1 x Ender Pearl 1 x Iron Ingot 2 x Gold Ingot Alternate Key Recipes Name Ingredients Recipe Tardi...

Sonic Shades

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Sonic Shades are a wearable item that allows the player to view additional information about their world via a HUD. Abilities The Sonic Shades have the following abilities Detect Rift Chunks Display player skin (head only) Use as a compass Entity Inf...

Dalek Ray Gun

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

The Dalek Ray Gun is a weapon crafted from components of Dalek weaponry. It fires laser projectiles that damage entities. Properties The gun fires a green ray that will not lose momentum through water. However the laser will be blocked by any solid bloc...

Food Machine

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

The Food Machine is a machine that produces food using Tardis Artron Energy. It can be mined with a pickaxe.   Crafting Recipe Name Ingredients Recipe Food Machine 1 x Ender Pearl 1 x Exotronic Circuit 6 x Iron Ingot 1 x Redstone Block ...



An Alembic is a device that processes raw materials. It can be mined with a pickaxe. Crafting Recipe Name Ingredients Recipe Alembic 2 x Glass Bottle 4 x Stick Uses Processing materials Converting Cinnabar Dust t...

Mercury Bottle

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Mercury bottles are a processed item obtained from an Alembic. Uses Crafting Fluid Links Repairing Fluid Links in Steady State Microwelding Station. Acquisition Insert Cinnabar Dust into an Alembic and right click the Alembic to produce a mercury b...

Cinnabar Ore-1.12.2

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

Cinnabar Ore is an ore block that drops Cinnabar Dust. Properties Mining Tool: Pickaxe Generation Cinnabar Ore is generated in the Overworld in small veins of ore blocks. Drops BUG: In v0.0.8A Cinnabar Ore does not drop Cinnabar Dust when mined w...

Cinnabar Dust


Cinnabar dust is a raw material used in crafting other items.      Acquisition It is obtained by mining Cinnabar Ore with a regular pickaxe. Uses Obtaining Mercury Bottles Cinnabar Dust is inserted into an alembic along with water buckets. After s...


Deprecated Features Mobs-1.12

Daleks are a hostile mob. They seek to exterminate all beings that are not of their own kind. Attributes Health: 20 (10 hearts) Armor points: 2 (1 armor bar) Attack type: Ranged Attack damage: 3 (3 hearts to player without armor and potion effec...



Below are the installation information for the New Tardis Mod Dependencies Minecraft 1.16.5 (No cracked versions) Link:  Latest 1.16.5 Minecraft Forge.  Link:  New Tardis Mod.  Lin...

Sonic Workbench

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

The Sonic Workbench is a block that allows users to change the casing of a sonic screwdriver or Tardis key. This features is exclusive to the 1.12 versions of the mod. Crafting Recipe Name Ingredients Recipe Sonic Workbench 3 x Oak Wood...