Wiki Documentation Guidelines

The Tardis Mod wiki allows any user to edit its wiki, provided they are granted the Editor role. The following guidelines need to be followed by editors to ensure the wiki content is well organised and consistent.

Wiki Articles

Article Content

Clarity and Expression

As a public documentation, this wiki needs to be written with clear and precise language, so anyone who has a basic grasp of the language this Wiki uses (currently only English) can understand it.

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation for the page's language is required.

Bias, Accuracy and Appropriate Language

As readers of all ages can access this document, the language used in the articles must be made to a fairly high standard.


The information provided in the articles must be accurate in portraying how a particular feature is used and behaves. Please contact the mod authors via the Discord server if clarification about a feature is needed.


The information presented must also be as neutral as possible. This means personal opinions of a feature should not be written into a page edit.

Appropriate Language

As a public document designed to document a Minecraft Mod, this wiki does not support other discussions to be published, such as vulgar language, political opinions or misinformation about the mod. 

A general suggested guideline is aiming for articles to be appropriate for children over the age of 13 to read. 

Drafting and Publishing

Create drafts externally

We recommend you create drafts of your articles on another platform such as a cloud sharing platform such as Google Docs or Word Online. This is to ensure that you won't accidentally publish your changes live. It also allows you to proofread your work before you publish it.

Formatting Clean-Up

When you are satisfied with your work, you can paste it to the Wiki page editor. You will notice that the formatting may be different to what you originally setup. This is because the Wiki's editor uses formatting to the one you were using to draft the article. 

Therefore, make sure you make changes to your pasted content until your are satisfied.


Before you publish your page, please provide a changelog message. This changelog message should be short and concise and include what was changed.

The reason why this is recommended is because the wiki's current application, Bookstack App, does not have a comphrehensive version control system. It currently only allows users to overwrite the latest version of a page.

Therefore, a changelog allows wiki administrators to see what has changed, If something went wrong, they can easily fix it by using the changelog message of an article as a reference.

Wiki Structural Changes

General Conventions

You are free to make new articles and chapters, and sort existing books. 

However, if you would like to create a new Book, Shelf or Chapter, please contact one of the mod authors or wiki administrators for advice. Contributors to the wiki are recommended to follow BookStack App's document conventions of organising its content if you do want to change the structure.

Locked Content

Some parts of the wiki, such as the Home Book are intended to only be edited by the mod authors and require you to ask for permission to change. 

Please do not modify any of the following content without first gaining permission by the mod authors:

  1. Home Book
  2. Wiki Utils Book

If you feel there is a change that needs to be made, please contact them via the Discord Server. Please specify what you think needs to be changed, and reasons for doing so.