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  • Name of block - in bold
  • Type of feature: Block/Item/Clothing/Mob/Vehicle/Control/Tardis-related/Miscellaneous
  • Image of block - put in table with annotations if block looks similar to another block





  • Seperate information into Headings
  • Main headings style: Medium Heading with Bold
  • Sub-headings style: Small or Tiny Heading/ Bold Paragraph style

Sample Headings

Crafting Recipe/ Acquisition
  • Describe 
    • Details on what the block does 
  • Information on how to use the block
    • E.g. The block alllows you to repair items, then explain how to operate it
  • Section for interesting information or extra information that detracts from the conciseness of the main article
  • Is part of main article, so no need to seperate with horizontal line


  • A seperate secluded section to insert relevant media for the block, for when images in main post cannot explain the block well enough
  • Is seperate from main article
  • Use horizontal line above the "Gallery" heading to seperate it from the main article
[WIP] Version History
  • Section to document changes to the block. Still WIP