block-alembic-full.gifAn Alembic is a device that processes raw materials. It can be mined with a pickaxe.


Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
  • 2 x Glass Bottle
  • 4 x Stick




Processing materials

  • Converting Cinnabar Dust to Mercury Bottles


Obtaining Mercury Bottles

Obtaining Input Items

To obtain one mercury bottle, the user will need collect the following materials

Usage in GUI

Once the input materials are collected, they must be arranged as shown below. Once all input items have been placed in the correct slots, the Alembic will begin distillation.


The ongoing distilation process is indicated through smoke particles and the block displaying the "on" state.

After a short period of time, the following behaviour would occur:

  1. Water Bucket will be used up and turned into Emty Bucket
  2. Fuel is burned
  3. Cinnabar Dust is used
  4. Mercury Tank is filled. A brewing sound will play

Collecting Mercury from Mercury Tank

  1. To collect Mercury from the Mercury tank part of the Alembic, place a Glass Bottle in the top right hand slot as shown above.
  2. The glass bottle will be used up and Mercury Bottles will be dispensed in the bottom right hand slot.



        • Breaking the Block will allow it to drop its inventory items
        • The distilllation process cannot be automated with Hopper sytems
        block-alembic_off.png block-alembic_on.png
        Figure 1 - The default "Off" state of the 1.14.4 Alembic model. This will show if the Alembic does not contain enough materials to distillate. Figure 2 - The "On" state of the 1.14.4 Alembic model. This state will display if the Alemic is currently in the process of distilling mercury.