Tables:Crafting Recipe

Template and specifications used in Crafting Recipes


Name Ingredients Recipe
[Name of Block]
  • [Amount] x [Item]
  • Items must be ordered alphabetically

Image of recipe



Name of Block

Capital case letters for Proper nouns E.g. Steady State Microwelding Station.

Lower case letters for non-proper nouns E.g. Elixir of Life.


Format: [Amount] x [Item]

E.g. 2 x Ender Pearl


Use screenshot of JEI recipe.

Size of image:

  1. Crop JEI recipe to the crafting grid. Should be 372 (w) x 186 (h) px in image editing software. E.g.
    1. template.crafting.recipe-crop.PNG

      Figure 1 - Crop image until borders of crafting grid

  2. When insert into wiki, use the image properties tool to reduce size to 248 (width) x124 px (height). Make sure the "Constrain Properties" box is ticked
    1. template.crafting.recipe-insert-adjust.PNG

      Figure 2 - The Image Properties button when an image is inserted into the wiki

    2. template.crafting.recipe-insert-adjust-box.PNG

      Figure 3 - Image adjustment boxes highlighted in Image Properties Window.

  3. This ensures the recipe image is as clear enough for easy viewing without breaking formatting for mobile users.


  • Ensure Image is aligned left. This makes sure the text in "Name" and "Ingredients" column are shifted upwards not downwards.


  • Fill in table


  1. Shrink the each table column width to fit the text inside comfortably. Make sure the Recipe column does not shrink or expand the image when resizing the column or leave excess space before or after the column
    1. template.crafting.table-formatting.png
  2. Fixing long table (text appears shifted downwards
    1. template.crafting.table-formatting-text.png