Vortex Manipulator

gif-vm.gifThe Vortex Manipulator is a portable means of transportation. It can teleport the player to any set of coordinates in the player’s current dimension.

Crafting Recipe


The following temporary recipe has been added in the pre-alpha build 0.0.3. This is subject to change in future builds.

Name Ingredients Recipe
Vortex Manipulator Strap
  • 1 x Brown Wool
  • 6 x Leather
  • 2 x String
Name Ingredients Recipe
Vortex Manipulator Control Module
  • 1 x Circuitry
  • 2 x Ender Pearl
  • 4 x Iron
  • 2 x Redstone
Name Ingredients Recipe (Shapeless)
Vortex Manipulator
  • 1 x Vortex Manipulator Control Module
  • 1 x Vortex Manipulator Strap


Name Ingredients Recipe
Vortex Manipulator recipe.item.vortex-manip.png

Functions and Abilities

1.14.4 Version

As of the Pre-alpha builds, the Vortex Manipulator has an iterable list of functions. These include:

  • Player Teleportation
  • Charge Status (Locked, Work in Progress)

1.12.2 Version

The Vortex manipulator can teleport the player to any set of coordinates in the player’s current dimension. There is no fuel requirement, use cooldown or limits in teleportation range.



The Vortex Manipulator main GUI is accessed by right clicking with the item. 

Then, the player can select the function to access by using the right arrow button on the gui to increment the list and the left arrow button to decrement the list. The selected function will display in a textbox at the bottom of the GUI

Once satisfied, the player will need to press the "Select" button to access the selected function.


Player Teleportation

The player teleportation allows the player to teleport to any location in the player's current dimension.

To use this feature, the player will need to input X,Y,Z coordinates in the corresponding boxes as shown below. There is no current limit on the magnitude of the input coordinates. However, inputting large numbers can potentially cause issues when generating chunks at a far away location due to how Minecraft chunk generation works.

Once satisfied with the coordinate inputs, the player simply needs to press the "Teleport" button. The player will be teleported to the coordinates and a teleportation sound effect will be played.

An additional, optional parameter, Teleport type allows the player to determine how the teleportation behaves by toggling the setting. The displayed setting will be the player's selected setting.

  • Top Block (Default setting): Detects a location near the inputted coordinates where the block below the player is solid
  • Precise: Teleports to the player to the exact coordinates. It does not factor in potentional hazards.


Charge Status

The Charge Status function is a work in progress and is currently disabled by the developers.


The Vortex Manipulator teleport can be accessed via a GUI. This GUI can accessed by right clicking with the item.*

The GUI has 3 textboxes. The top box allows for X coordinate input, centre box for Y coordinate and bottom textbox for Z coordinate. There is no limit to the size of the coordinates. The coordinates inputted can be both negative or positive in magnitude.


*The GUI can also be accessed if the player has an empty hand. As long as the item is in an inventory slot(excluding armor slots and offhand) and the player is not interacting with any entity or block, the GUI can be opened via right clicking.

Figure 1 - The Vortex Manipulator Item in the 1.12.2 versions of the mod.


  • As of 0.0.8A Patch 3, the Vortex Manipulator cannot be used in the Tardis interior dimension, to prevent exploits in multiplayer worlds.
  • When the manipulator is placed in any inventory slot (exceptions being the offhand, and all armor slots) it renders over the player's right arm.
  • In the 1.14.4 pre-alpha builds, the Vortex Manipulator's model will display an "open state" when right clicked