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Tardis Interior Door-1.12

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

The Tardis Interior Door is an entity based object that allows entities to exit the Tardis cons...


Deprecated Features Mobs-1.12

Quark are an unused hostile mob.    Attributes Health: 10 (5 hearts) AI Behavior As of 0...


Deprecated Features Dimensions-1.12

The Moon is a natural satellite orbiting the Overworld. Travel Itinerary The player can trav...


Deprecated Features Dimensions-1.12

Telos is a planet. It is rumored a humanoid species once lived on its surface, but its increasi...


Deprecated Features Dimensions-1.12

Gallifrey is a planet orbiting a binary star system, known as the homeworld of the beings known...

All Clothing Items

Deprecated Features Clothing-1.12

The following article showcases various decorative clothing items added to the New Tardis Mod. As...


Deprecated Features Removed Features

This feature has been removed from the 1.12 versions of the mod Raiders were a humanoid hostile ...

Mysterious Suitcase

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

The Mysterious Suitcase is a decorative block present in the 1.12.2 versions of the mod. Acqui...

Repair Capsule

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

A Repair Capsule is an item that allows for the repairing of individual Tardis Sub-systems with...


Deprecated Features Removed Features

This feature has been removed in version 0.1.0E and no longer exists in the latest version of the...


Deprecated Features Mobs-1.12

Companion(s) are a friendly mob that are able to befriend players. Attributes Health: 20 (...

Architectural Reconfiguration System-1.12.2

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

The Architectural Reconfiguration System (ARS) is a block that allows the player to obtain a va...

Changelog: 0.1.1A - 0.1.1C

Home Changelogs

0.1.1C - 20th January 2020 Removed Temporarily removed the Tardis exterior gravity feature B...

Changelog: 0.1.0A-0.1.0E - Further Stabilisation and Bug Fixes

Home Changelogs

0.1.0E Hotfix 1 - 10th July 2019 Added Gallifrey dimension Bug fixes/Enhancement Server cr...

Changelog: 0.0.9A - 0.0.9B - Stabilisation and Quality of Life Updates

Home Changelogs

0.0.9B - February 22 2019 Removed Monitor protocol: Regenerate Console Room Replaced by usin...

Tardis Coral

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

The Tardis Coral is a block that allows for the growth of a Tardis.   Crafting Recipe Nam...

Dalek Casing

Deprecated Features Vehicles-1.12

The Dalek Casing is a vehicle that allows for travel across the world.  Features The Dalek Cas...


Deprecated Features Vehicles-1.12

Bessie is a vehicle that allows for travel across the world.  Features Has a health value o...


Wiki Utils Templates

A template and guidelines to creating articles about an entity. This article is subject to change...


Deprecated Features Dimensions-1.12

Space is a dimension beyond the Overworld's atmosphere. Travel Itinerary The player can trav...