A template and guidelines to creating articles about an entity. This article is subject to change.

Introduction (Do not include this heading)

Brief description

  • Name and Define
  • Describe
  • Explain
  • Rendered Image of entity
    • A 45 isometric view is ideal
    • If multiple variants are present, the main variant should be shown in this introduction. The main variant will also be included in the gallery to clarify which variant the image is referring to. See the article 'Dalek' for a clearer example
    • Ideally, the image should be inserted in a space above the introduction, so that the image will not be too far down the page.


  • Health: [] hearts
  • Armor points: [Value] ([] armor bars)
    • Armor bars = Value/2
  • Attack type: Ranged/Melee
  • Attack damage: [Attack Damage] ([Hearts = Attack Damage/2 ] )
  • Attack speed: [] attack/per [] seconds
  • Movement speed: 12.9 blocks per second
  • Flying speed: Up to 5 blocks in Y direction at 0.842 blocks per second
  • Fall speed: 25.9 blocks per second if not flying.
  • Target following range: 35 blocks

AI Behavior

Any AI behaviour that is unique to the entity

A sub-heading is included for variant-specific behaviour if there is any present. If not, all variants will inherit the same AI behaviour.

If an image or video is required to explain the behaviour, they may be attached within this heading if it is relevant and succinct. Any unnecessary media should be placed in the Gallery section.


If the entity has unique variants, such as different aesthetics, behaviour or alternate variants they will listed. If there are no unique variants, this heading can be omitted.

Spawn Behavior

Includes the Dimension, Biome, Number of entities per spawn pattern


Min. Number - Max. Number x Item

Figure 1 - An example of a gallery section for entities. All images are presented in a table. The main variant is placed first. Each image has its own label and caption

Any additional image that is not relevant to main article such as alternate angles, behaviour states etc.

Each image will be presented in a table, with one cell for the image and a cell below. The cell below will contain a caption and label to clarify what the image is.

If multiple variants of the entity is present, the main variant will also be included in this gallery as the first image

A horizontal line is included on the same line as this heading to separate it from the main article.


An optional dot point or numbered list of features that are not relevant to the main article, but make for unique insights.

A horizontal line is included on the same line as this heading to separate it from the main article.


An optional numbered list of features or extra detail that do not fit in the main article but are useful to the reader. this is generally the last heading in an article.

Again, a horizontal line is included on the same line as this heading to separate it from the main article.

Any part of the article that mentions a specific note will use a superscript number to refer to a specific note.

Example 1:

Main article extract: The quick brown fox has a tail1.


  1. The tail is a light orange colour