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Tardis Manual


The Tardis Manual is an in-game guide to the Tardis that allows the user to view important information conveniently.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Tardis Manual
  • 1 x Book
  • 1 x Exotronic Circuit




  • Updated information on Tardis Flight, Maintenance, and Protocols
  • User facing GUI


Viewing Information

  1. Right Click the Tardis Manual to display its GUI
  2. Use the left and right arrows to cycle the pages.

Highlighting Console Controls

The Tardis Manual can also show the names of Tardis Controls when you hover over the entity whilst holding the manual.

This allows you to view the location of controls on each Tardis Console Unit.



Currently there is no system to display recipes and blocks in the manual. This is a work in progress.

This manual also does not document all features of the mod. It only documents Tardis specific features such as flight, controls and usage.

Content Contributions

If you would like to contribute to the Tardis Manual, please open a Pull Request on Gitlab.