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Earthshock Gun


The Earthshock Gun is a powerful projectile weapon powered by Artron Energy.


The Earthshock Gun is currently only obtainable as loot inside Dalek Ships. They are located in Ship Computers inside the central room of the Dalek Ship.


  • Shoots laser projectiles.
    • These projectiles count as "mob damage" so it will trigger neutral mobs to become hostile at players
  • Hold up to 9 Artron Batteries
  • Three power tiers
    • Each power tier will use a different amount of Artron Energy
    • Each power tier will deal different amounts of damage
    • Each power tier will have a different cooldown period

Power Tiers

Tier Base Damage Cooldown Period Artron Use per Shot Laser Colour Other
Low 8 (4 hearts) 5 ticks (0.25 second) 20 Red  
Medium 14 (7 hearts) 10 ticks (0.5 second) 40 Green  
High 20 (10 hearts) 25 ticks (1 1.25 second) 60 Blue Can disable shields, and have a chance to set an entity on fire.


Reloading the weapon

  1. Place Artron Batteries (or Sonic Screwdrivers as they are also a form of battery) in the player's inventory
  2. Hold the Earthshock Gun in the main hand
  3. Press the keybind for "Reload Laser Gun" (Left ALT by default)
  4. Any full batteries will be loaded inside the gun's internal inventory.
  5. Any empty batteries inside the gun will be given to the player

Shooting the weapon

  1. Hold the Earthshock gun
  2. Point at a target and use right-click to shoot. A white coloured cooldown bar will be shown on the item after each shot. 
  3. Wait until the white cooldown period has elapsed before commencing another shot.

Switching Power Tiers

  1. Hold the Earthshock gun
  2. Point the item at a solid block
  3. Hold the Sneak key and right click with the item.
  4. A message above the hotbar will inform the player of the power tier they have selected.