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Crashed Structures


Crashed Structures are spacehip-like structures that spawn throughout the world.


They are rumored to be the remains of spaceships that crashed into the voxellian world eons ago which have now been buried within mountains of dirt and stone.

There are two types, a large "cruiser" type and a smaller "shuttle" type.



All crashed ships contain a Ship’s Computer. This computer can be scanned with a Sonic Screwdriver to download the data from it, which can be used by the Tardis’ Sonic Port to translate into a new Exterior design.

These computers can also contain loot such as iron, redstone, emeralds, saddles, seeds and more. 


Finding the structures

Crashed Spaceships can be found in all biomes in the Overworld and are spaced far apart from other instances of this structure. 

Most of these structures can be found below y level 64, and are often buried inside blocks.

Storyteller Village Map Trade

The Storyteller Villager sells maps as one of its unlockable trades. This map has a chance of showing either a Crashed Spaceship or an Abandoned Timeship.


crashed_ship_1.png crashed_ship_2.png
Type 1. These types mostly spawn buried in the ground, but can sometimes be exposed. Type 2. These types often spawn buried in the ground