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Tardis Monitor-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Figure 1 - Hell Bent Tardis Monitor The Tardis Monitor is a block that displays information about the user's Tardis. It is also used to activate a variety of Tardis protocols along with providing maintenance access to the user's Tardis. The...


Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Figure 1 - Biodampener The Biodampener is an item that prevents a player from being teleported to via a Tardis' Telepathic Circuit.  Crafting Recipe Name Ingredients Recipe Biodampener 1 x Artron Capacitor 1 x Exotronic Ciruit 7 x Gold...

Cinnabar Ore-1.12.2

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

Cinnabar Ore is an ore block that drops Cinnabar Dust. Properties Mining Tool: Pickaxe Generation Cinnabar Ore is generated in the Overworld in small veins of ore blocks. Drops BUG: In v0.0.8A Cinnabar Ore does not drop Cinnabar Dust when mined w...

Cinnabar Dust


Cinnabar dust is a raw material used in crafting other items.      Acquisition It is obtained by mining Cinnabar Ore with a regular pickaxe. Uses Obtaining Mercury Bottles Cinnabar Dust is inserted into an alembic along with water buckets. After s...


Deprecated Features Mobs-1.12

Daleks are a hostile mob. They seek to exterminate all beings that are not of their own kind. Attributes Health: 20 (10 hearts) Armor points: 2 (1 armor bar) Attack type: Ranged Attack damage: 3 (3 hearts to player without armor and potion effec...



Below are the installation information for the New Tardis Mod Dependencies Minecraft 1.16.5 (No cracked versions) Link:  Latest 1.16.5 Minecraft Forge.  Link:  New Tardis Mod.  Lin...

Sonic Shades

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Sonic Shades are a wearable item that allows the player to view additional information about their world via a HUD. Abilities The Sonic Shades have the following abilities Detect Rift Chunks Display player skin (head only) Use as a compass Entity Inf...

Vortex Manipulator


The Vortex Manipulator is a portable means of transportation. It can teleport the player to any set of coordinates in the player’s current dimension. Crafting Recipe Name Ingredients Recipe Vortex Manipulator Strap 1 x Wool (Any colour) ...

Mod Compatibilities


Compatibilities The Tardis Mod has added specific logic to be compatible with the following types of mods: Just Enough Items Recipe Mod We have added compatibility with JEI to allow you to see our custom recipes! Custom Dimensions The Tardis tim...

Artron Capacitor

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

An Artron Capacitor is an item used as a crafting component in Tardis sub-system components and previously provided artron energy to the Tardis. Crafting Recipe   Name Ingredients Recipe Artron Capacitor 1 x Exotronic Circuit 1 x Redstone Bl...

Tardis Console Controls - Archived Features

Deprecated Features Removed Features

Below are Tardis console control mechanics and functions that have been removed from the latest version of the mod. Real World Flight Control Figure 1 - Real World Flight Control About: This allows the user to control the Tardis as if they were in ...

Tardis Sub-Systems-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

A Tardis Sub-system is a set of processes that control a function within the Tardis. A Sub-system Component is an item that allows for a sub-system to function when installed into the Tardis console. Types of Sub-systems and their Functions The following ta...

Exotronic Circuit


Exotronic Circuit are an crafting item essential to create a variety of other items. Uses Crafting This item can be used to craft a variety of items, such as  Quantiscope Pocket Watch Dematerialisation Circuit Chameleon Circuit Fluid Links ...

Sonic Screwdriver

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

The Sonic Screwdriver is a tool that has a versatile range of functions. There are many variants of the sonic screwdriver, but each variant have the same functions.   Crafting Recipe 1.12.2 Name Ingredients Recipe Sonic Screwdriver 1 x Diamond...

Tardis Toolkit

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Figure 1 - Tardis Toolkit The Tardis Toolkit is an item that allows players to repair all Tardis Sub-system components by 15% per use. This is achieved by right clicking on the console. The item has unlimited uses As of 0.0.8A, the toolkit is not cr...

Tardis Flight Operations-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Tardis Flight allows the Tardis to travel through different dimensions and cross large distances. There are several ways to fly the Tardis and many options to control its abilities. However there are also some limitations and dangers as well. Understanding ...

Steady State Microwelding Station

Deprecated Features Blocks-1.12

Figure 1 - Steady State Microwelding Station The Steady State Microwelding Station is a block that allows players to repair individual Tardis components. This block is exclusive to the 1.12 versions. Crafting Recipe Name Ingredien...


Tardis Maintanence

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Sub-System Components Tardis sub-system components require maintanence by the owner in order to maintain the Tardis' operational status. This can be done using a Steady-State Microwelding station, a piece of Time Lord technology used to repair individual T...

Creating your Tardis

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Figure 1 - Tardis Coral As of 0.0.8A, players are required to grow their own Tardis to create it. This is done by crafting a Tardis coral and Sub-system components. Stage 1 - Growing the Tardis Coral To grow the Tardis, place down the Ta...

Mercury Bottle

Deprecated Features Items-1.12

Mercury bottles are a processed item obtained from an Alembic. Uses Crafting Fluid Links Repairing Fluid Links in Steady State Microwelding Station. Acquisition Insert Cinnabar Dust into an Alembic and right click the Alembic to produce a mercury b...