Transduction Barrier

block-transduction-barrier.pngThe Transduction Barrier is a block that prevents nearby Tardises from landing within its defined radius if the Tardis' Landing Codes don't match that of the barrier.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Transduction Barrier




Preventing Unauthorised Tardis Landings

The Transduction Barrier can prevent any Tardis without a matching Landing Code from landing within a 25 block radius of this block.

Any Tardises that don't have the same Landing Code will be redirected (without warning) to a random block position outside the radius. 

Setting Traps for Unauthorised Players

Transduction Barriers can be used in conjunction with Landing Pads and other mechanics to create deadly traps for intruding Tardis pilots. For example, a Transduction Barrier can be used to push out unauthorised Tardises, and Landing Pads can be used to force a Tardis to land on the pad that is set within a trap. 


Preventing Unauthorised Tardis Landings

Setting Up Landing Codes


  1. Hold a Sonic Screwdriver
  2. Right click with the screwdriver on the Transduction Barrier. A GUI will shown on Screen
  3. Enter a landing code. Do not use characters that cannot be viewed without requiring tools such as Notepad++
Viewing Transduction Landing Code


  1. You can view the Transduction Barrier's current Landing code by holding a Sonic Screwdriver and mousing over the barrier.

Allowing Players Access to Protected Areas

You can allow Transduction barrier protected areas by setting the Landing Code of a Tardis to match that of the Transduction Barrier Code.


  1. To do this, right click on a Tardis Monitor Block
  2. Navigate to Exterior Properties -> Set Landing Code.
  3. Set the Tardis' Landing Code exactly the same as the Transduction Barrier Landing Code
  4. Press the Update Code button
  5. Attempt to land within 25 blocks of the Transduction Barrier