Decoration Blocks

Comfy Chair

block-comfy_chair.png block-comfy_chair_green.png

A comfy looking chair block that allows you to sit in it! It has a red and green variant.

Crafting Recipe
Translated Name Ingredients Image
Red Comfy Chair
  • 4 x Red Wool
  • 2 x Stick
Translated Name Ingredients Image
Green Comfy Chair
  • 4 x Green Wool
  • 2 x Stick



A stack of books that have random models when placed. When broken, they turn into Loose Paper

Crafting Recipe
Translated Name Ingredients Image
Stack Of Books
  • 3 x Book

Loose Paper


Some loose paper that can make a room look more "cluttered" and homely

Crafting Recipe
Translated Name Ingredients Image
Loose Paper
  • 3 x Paper


block-roundel_concrete.png block-roundel_terracotta.png block-roundel_wood.png block-roundel_alabaster.png
Concrete Roundel Terracotta Roundel Wooden Roundel Alabaster Roundel
block-roundel_concrete_offset.png block-roundel_terracotta_terracotta.png block-roundel_wood_offset.png block-roundel_alabaster_offset.png
Offset Concrete Roundel Offset Terracotta Roundel Offset Wooden Roundel Offset Alabaster Roundel

The round things! The mod adds many variants of Roundels that include ones that fit:

  • All Concrete Colours
  • All Terracotta Colours
  • All 1.14 Wood Colours
  • Custom Alabaster type
  • Offset types for every Roundel

All roundels can be obtained from the ARS Egg.

Toyota Spinny Thing


A cool looking block that spins and makings sound effects during flight. There are different sounds for take off, in-flight and landing which all sync with each stage of flight.