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Roundel Block


Roundels are a decorative block with many variants and novel uses.


  • All Concrete Colours
  • All Terracotta Colours
  • All Wood Colours
  • Custom Alabaster type
  • Offset types for every Roundel


All roundels can be obtained from the ARS Egg.


Light Emission

The Roundel blocks can give off light up to level 15 when placed anywhere inside a Tardis dimension. The light level is determined by the value set by the Interior Light Level inside the Tardis Monitor

Redstone Power Emission

Roundel blocks will emit a Redstone signal proportional to the light level they currently emit.



block-roundel_concrete.png block-roundel_terracotta.png block-roundel_wood.png block-roundel_alabaster.png
Concrete Roundel Terracotta Roundel Wooden Roundel Alabaster Roundel
block-roundel_concrete_offset.png block-roundel_terracotta_terracotta.png block-roundel_wood_offset.png block-roundel_alabaster_offset.png
Offset Concrete Roundel Offset Terracotta Roundel Offset Wooden Roundel Offset Alabaster Roundel