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Neutronic Spectrometer


The Neutronic Spectrometer is a block that allows one to unlock Consoles, Exteriors and Console Rooms (Interiors) for a Tardis.

Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Neutronic Spectrometer
  • 2 x Concrete (Any colour)
  • 2 x Exotronic Circuit
  • 1 x Glass
  • 3 x Iron Ingot
  • 1 x Xion Crystal



The block can analyse and "extract" information from items placed in its GUI.

This allows it to create "Schematics" which can be used to unlock various interiors/exteriors/consoles for a Tardis.


  • Left Hand Slot: Input Slot for items
  • Right Hand Slot: Sonic Screwdriver slot.