Tardis Monitor


The Tardis Monitor block is a block that allows a Tardis pilot to control various aspects of their Tardis.

 Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Steampunk Monitor
  • 1 x Exotronic Circuit
  • 2 x Gold Ingot
  • 6 x Green Stained Glass



Eye Monitor Obtain from ARS Egg


RCA Monitor Obtain from ARS Egg



  • Display Information about the Tardis
  • Control Tardis Protocols
  • Set destination to Filled Map Centre


Display Tardis Information

  1. Place down a Tardis Monitor Block inside the Tardis Dimension. 
  2. View the front face of the Monitor to see various information

Control Tardis Protocols

  1. Place down a Tardis Monitor Block inside the Tardis Dimension. 
  2. Right click the Monitor to open its GUI

Set Destination to Filled Map Centre

The monitor can also set the Tardis' destination to the centre of a Filled Map Item

  1. Right click a Filled Map item on a Tardis Monitor
    1. This will not work if the dimension of the Filled Map is a config-defined blacklisted dimension.

See Outside Environment (External Scanner Mode)

The monitor can also allow the pilot to see the chunk around the Tardis Exterior whilst they are inside the Tardis interior.

  1. To do this, sneak and right click the monitor with an empty hand.
  2. You can view the exterior chunk at any time.

Resolving Rendering issues or Crashes

The Scanner Mode can somtimes be unable to render blocks from other mods and cause the game to crash.

To solve this, locate the tardis-client.config file in .minecraft/config folder and blacklist the block in the scannerBlacklistedBlocks option. Add in the Namespaced ID of the block you want to blacklist.

block-monitor-wall.png block-rca-monitor.png
Eye Monitor Variant RCA Monitor Variant