Tardis Engine

block-tardis_engine.pngThe Tardis Engine is a block that allows one to maintain, upgrade and monitor their Tardis' performance.


The Tardis Engine block can be obtained by using the ARS GUI.


The block can only be functional if placed in the Tardis interior dimension.

When broken, all items inside the Tardis Engine will be saved to the world and won't be deleted or dropped. 

This means the Tardis engine can be placed anywhere in the Tardis interior dimension without needing to be concerned about item or data loss.


  • Adding in Tardis sub systems (Components)
  • Adding Tardis upgrades
  • Monitoring and upgrading Artron Capacity
  • Charging items with Artron Energy


  1. Place down the Tardis Engine in the Tardis dimension.
  2. You now have four choices - add more Tardis subsystems, add general upgrades to your Tardis, upgrade your Tardis Artron Banks or Charge items with Artron Energy.
  3. Each option can be accessed through a particular panel on the side of the block
    1. Red - Artron Banks
    2. Yellow - Charging Panel
    3. Green - Upgrades
    4. Blue -  Components

Components Panel


This blue panel is used to allow the user to insert and remove Tardis Sub-systems (AKA components). By default, this container will not contain anything.

Upgrades Panel

Upgrades.pngTardis Upgrade Circuits can be placed in this panel to increase the variety and magnitude of existing Tardis functions. 

When the Upgrade Circuit is placed in this panel, the effects of the Upgrade will be able to be activated.

Artron Banks Panel

Artron.pngThe Tardis Artron Banks panel allows one to upgrade the Tardis' total energy buffer. It will only accept Artron Capacitors. 

Artron Batteries cannot be placed here. 

Charging Panel

Charging.pngThis allows any item that allows recharging with Artron Energy to be recharged if placed in this container.

Some items include:

  1. Artron Battery
  2. Sonic Screwdriver