Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Information about creating Tardises, their operation processes and maintanence requirements.

Creating your Tardis


Figure 1 - Tardis Coral

As of 0.0.8A, players are required to grow their own Tardis to create it. This is done by crafting a Tardis coral and Sub-system components.

Stage 1 - Growing the Tardis Coral

To grow the Tardis, place down the Tardis coral on any block and wait two Minecraft days. After two days has past, the player will receive a Tardis key and the player’s Tardis will materialize in the place of the coral.


Stage 2 - Repairing Sub-system components

Upon mature growth, the Tardis will provide all sub-systems, with each sub-system having a random durability value. Thus, the player must gather resources to repair the sub-system components to prolong the life of the Tardis. 

Tardis Sub-Systems-1.12

A Tardis Sub-system is a set of processes that control a function within the Tardis.

A Sub-system Component is an item that allows for a sub-system to function when installed into the Tardis console.

Types of Sub-systems and their Functions

The following table shows each Sub-system, their function and its required component.



Required Sub-system Component

Chameleon Circuit

Changes exterior shell

chameleon_circuit.pngChameleon Circuit

Temporal Grace Circuits

Prevents entities (players and mobs) from taking damage inside the interior.(until the circuit is fully depleted)

temporal_grace_circuits.pngTemporal Grace Circuits


Allows for Stabilized flight

stabilizers.png Stabilizer Circuits

Fluid Links

Allows for Flight

circuit.fluid-link.pngFluid Links

Flight Systems

Allows for Flight

circuit.demat-new.pngDematerialisation Circuit

Dimensional Dams

Sustains the interior dimension. Without it, the player cannot enter the Tardis.

circuit.time-vector-generator.png Time Vector Generator

Interstitial Antenna

Allows the Tardis to travel onto the coordinates of a Dalek Invasion via the Communicator.

circuit.attenna.pngInterstitial Antenna


Prevents the Tardis from being able to materialise inside its own interior and causing a continuous space-time loop.



Crafting Recipes

Chameleon Circuit

Name Ingredients Recipe
Chameleon Circuit
  • 1 x Exotronic Circuit
  • 2 x Grass
  • 2 x Vines

Temporal Grace Circuit

Name Ingredients Recipe
Temporal Grace Circuit recipe.component.temporal-grace.png

Stabilizer Circuit

Name Ingredients Recipe
Stabilizer Circuit recipe.component.stabilizer-circuit.png
Name Ingredients Recipe
Fluid Links recipe.component.fluid-links.png

Dematerialisation Circuit

Name Ingredients Recipe
Dematerialisation Circuit recipe.component.demat-circuit.png

Time Vector Generator

Name Ingredients Recipe
Time Vector Generator recipe.component.tvg.png

Interstitial Antenna

Name Ingredients Recipe
Interstitial Antenna



Name Ingredients Recipe



Installation and Removal

Right click with the circuit on the Tardis console to install the circuit

To remove a sub-system, use the Tardis Monitor, click on Sub-Systems Readout, then click the subs-system to be removed. The sub-system component will be placed in the player’s inventory.

BUG: As of 0.1.0E, removing the dimensional dams will kick the player out of the exterior faster than the game can place the item in the player's inventory, which causes the Time Vector Generator (TVG) to be left behind in the interior. The only way to access the interior is to craft a new Time Vector Generator and installing it. This is done by right clicking with the TVG on the Tardis exterior.



Figure 1 - The Tardis Monitor GUI as of 0.1.0E


Figure 2 - The Sub-system Gui in the Tardis Monitor as of 0.1.0E

Maintanence and Potential Consequences

After each flight journey, most sub-systems experience wear that can decrease a sub-system's durability by 1%. Hence, all sub-systems that are installed require regular maintenance to ensure the Tardis is operational. 

When a sub-system reaches 0% durability, the Tardis will suffer a variety of consequences. The table below explains this in detail.

Sub-system component

Consequence at 0% health

Possible solutions

Chameleon Circuit

Exterior shell cannot be changed

Repair or replace component

Temporal Grace Circuits

Entities will be able to take damage when in the interior

Repair or replace component


Players are required to use manual flight mode when in flight

Repair or replace component

Fluid Links

Mercury leaks occur in interior which damage the player

Repair or replace component

Flight Systems

Tardis cannot fly

If Tardis is still in flight when flight systems are destroyed, the Tardis crashes.

Repair or replace component

Dimensional Dams

Interior dimensions cannot be entered by the player in any way.

Repair or replace component*

Interstitial Antenna

Tardis cannot detect and travel to Dalek Invasions.

Repair or replace component


Tardis will continously land inside its own interior preventing the player from escaping the Tardis dimension without cheat commands.

Repair or replace component

*Restoring the Dimensional Dams with a Time Vector Generator will restore the interior to the configuration immediately prior to the dams breaking. The interior will not be reset/regenerated.

Tardis Flight Operations-1.12

Tardis Flight allows the Tardis to travel through different dimensions and cross large distances. There are several ways to fly the Tardis and many options to control its abilities. However there are also some limitations and dangers as well.

Understanding Tardis Flight

Tardis Flight can create a variety of experiences for different pilots.
Therefore, a thorough understanding of the Tardis is recommended.

The ability to enable Tardis Flight is dependent on the following factors:

Installation/Repairing of Essential Flight-related Circuits

The most basic form of Tardis Flight requires the installation of the Fluid Links, a Dematerialization circuit, Time Vector Generator and Thermo-Couplings. Without them, the Tardis cannot take off and land successfully and/or allow the player to enter its interior.

By default, a fully grown Tardis coral will provide all sub-system components. However each sub-system has a random durability value due to the growth process. It is recommended for users to repair all essential flight-related circuits before using their Tardis regularly.

Minimum Requirements:

Tardis Monitor

A Tardis Monitor allows the player to view their destination, flight progress and other essential properties of their Tardis. It is also important for long term flight-readiness via monitoring and maintenance access to Tardis sub-systems.

Multiple monitors may be placed in the interior. Each monitor will share the same information and have the same functionality.

Minimum Requirements for flight: Placing down A Tardis Monitor in the Tardis interior

Artron Energy Levels

The Tardis uses up Artron Energy during flight.

Each flight journey will use up 4% or more of the Tardis’ total capacity.

If the artron energy level reaches 0%, explosion particles will be emitted from the console,followed by a Tardis Crash and the ringing of the Tardis Cloister Bell.

Further consequences are the Tardis’s exterior position will be 5-10 blocks away from the position of the Tardis at a point in time when its artron energy banks were more than 0%.

Additionally a 5x5 crater will be generated near the crashed exterior.

Minimum Requirements for flight: 5% per flight

Average Artron Energy usage in certain scenarios:


Artron Energy Usage (%)

Time of Flight (seconds)

Travelling 1 or more blocks in one axis in the same dimension as previous position



Travelling to another dimension without change in coordinates



Closed Tardis Doors

The Tardis interior doors must be closed during flight to prevent the player from being left behind at the Tardis’ previous location.

The Tardis is able to take flight if the interior doors are removed. However, the interior doors need to be replaced after the Tardis has landed to allow players to exit the Tardis.


Before activating flight mode, the following minimum requirements must be met:

Flight Instructions

To activate flight mode, the main steps are as follows:

  1. Set the coordinate increment rate using Coordinate Increment Adjustment
    1. This allows the coordinates increase/decrease rate to be 1, 10 or 100 with each button push.
  2. Set the destination X, Y and Z Coordinates using X,Y,Z Plotters.
    1. Right click to increase the coordinate value, Sneak+right click to decrease the coordinate value
  3.  Check the Tardis Monitor's Navicomputer to ensure the destination coordinates are correct.
  4. Pull Time Rotor Handbrake.
  5. Wait until the the monitor displays "TARDIS Landed" before opening the interior doors to prevent being thrown out of the interior prematurely.
  6. Open the Tardis interior doors with the door switch control or by hand (right clicking the doors) to exit the Tardis.

Additional Flight Modifiers

The following methods provide greater flexibility and complexity to Tardis Flight. To use them, use the correct control as detailed below before taking off.


Activation Method

Travel to other dimensions

Use Dimensional Control.*

Modify Tardis Exterior door direction. (N/S/E/W)

Use Directional Control

Change Landing Spot Search behaviour.

Use Landing Type Selector

Travel to saved locations (waypoints)

Use Waypoint Controls


Types of Flight Modes

In additional to the basic steps of flight, there are a variety of methods to fly the Tardis. This includes Manual Flight, Stabilized Flight and flight options added by external mods, plugins or addons.

Manual Flight

Manual flight (aka non-stabilised flight) is a method of flight which requires the player to manage the Tardis’ controls during flight to prevent course deviations.

Manual flight encourages the user to have more responsibility for a successful flight, but its average flight time is twice as fast compared to stabilized flight mode.

  1. To start manual flight, the player must either remove stabiliser circuits or turn off stabilisers (if the circuits are already installed).
  2. Then, the Time Rotor Handbrake must be activated.
  3. Once the handbrake is activated, the player must respond to a variety of warning messages that appear above the hotbar.
Course Deviation Warning Messages

During manual flight, a warning message will warn the player of a potential danger and provide a hint on the recommended action.

This message will appear over the hotbar for up to 5 seconds.

The player must press a control that prevents the potential danger. They have a 5 second timeframe to respond, with the time frame starting from the appearance of the warning message.

The following warning messages require the following response:

Warning Message Appropriate Action
Coordinate Slip - X/Y/Z Click the corresponding XYZ coordinate plotter
Dimensional Drift Dimensional Control
Fuel Overpressurised Refueller
Angular Momentum Overload Directional Control


Figure 1 - One of many warning messages displayed above the player hotbar during Manual Flight Mode.

Potential Consequences - Tardis Crashes

If the required control is not activated within this time frame, the Tardis will deviate from its destination by 5-10 blocks and receive greater sub-system damage than incident-free journeys. This is shown by explosion sounds and smoke particles emitting from the console.