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Dalek Ship


Dalek Ships are large saucer structures that spawn in the Overworld. These structure house a sizable force of Daleks.


These structures have a mob spawn capacity of up to 70-80 Daleks, as of version 1.5.4. Daleks will spawn from predefined positions inside and around the ship.

Daleks currently do not despawn to address player exploits that involved unloading the chunk the entity resides in. 

Finding the Structure

Dalek ships can spawn at various Y levels, from near the surface, to high in the sky.

Dalek ships are spaced very far from each other, up to 20,000+ blocks away. They also have a low spawn weight, which can be configured in the Tardis common config file.


Dalek ships contain many valuable items, rumored as trophies taken from the Daleks' victims or past allies.

Some notable loot include the Earthshock Gun, which is a powerful laser weapon.

Additionally, Dalek ships hold schematics for various Timeships interiors or exteriors. Perhaps they were using them for more nefarious purposes...