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Rift Chunk

Rift Chunks are a special property that allow a Minecraft Chunks to receive Artron Energy. It can be used to power Artron Energy compatible items.


Any chunk, at any time, will have a chance to become a rift. Rifts will have limited energy, and that will build overtime.

A fully drained rift will close and not gain any power again, but like every other chunk it has a chance to become a rift again.


When a Sonic Screwdriver on Passive Prove mode is in the inventory of a player which enters a Rift Chunk, a notification message and sound will be sent to the player.


These rift chunks will allow for the charging of Artron Batteries and other Artron related items.

Charging Artron compatible items

  1. Detect a Rift Chunk
  2. Place down an Artron Collector and Artron Pylon within the Rift Chunk.
  3. rift-collector-setup.png
  4. Place an artron-compatible item in the Artron Collector.
  5. rift-item-insert.png
  6. Wait
  7. Take out the item from the Artron Collector. If the item has been charged, its store Artron Units will have increased.