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Tardis Commands-1.12

Deprecated Features

To make life easier for users in creative or to help server administrators, the mod includes some commands as shown below. /tardis grow Once the TARDIS Coral is placed, you can make it grow instantly. To use this command, point the crosshairs at the Tardis C...



Both 1.12 and 1.14 Versions of the mod are now deprecated. To view its archived information, please click here: Deprecated Features Welcome to the New Tardis Mod Wiki! In order to navigate the wiki, click "Shelves" or "Books" categories to view different to...



Below are links to the team social media and repositories. Team YouTube : Source 1.14.4+ Source Source 1.14.4: 1.12.2 Source Source 1.12.2: https:/...

Tardis Console Controls-1.12

Deprecated Features Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

This page is a reference for the function, location and operation of the Tardis console controls.To view the function and usage of any control, use the headers on the left hand panel.To view a control's location on a certain Tardis console unit, see the below ...


Rift Chunk-1.12

Deprecated Features

  This feature has been deprecated. You may be looking for Rift Chunks (1.16) Rift Chunks are a unique type of chunk that can generate in any dimension. Properties Rifts greatly increase the refueling rate of the TARDIS, as well a cutting the time to gro...