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Architectural Reconfiguration System

The Architectural Reconfiguration System (ARS) is a block that allows the player to obtain a va...

Changelog: 0.1.0A-0.1.0D

0.1.0D - 3rd May 2019 Updated ARS Tree egg Can now be obtained in survival mode by right cli...

Changelog: 0.0.9A - 0.0.9B

0.0.9B - February 22 2019 Removed Monitor protocol: Regenerate Console Room Replaced by usin...

Tardis Coral

The Tardis Coral is a block that allows for the growth of a Tardis.   Crafting Recipe Na...

Dalek Casing

The Dalek Casing is a vehicle that allows for travel across the world.  Features The Dalek C...

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A list of changes made to the mod

Style Guide

A set of guidelines used by the wiki in the writing of its articles

About the Tardis

[WIP] Core knowledge about the Tardis.

Tardis Controls

All about TARDIS controls.

Tardis Creation, Operation and Maintanence

Information about creating Tardises, their operation processes and maintanence requirements.

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Various guides for both new and existing mod users

Wiki Utils

Tools and utilities for use in constructing wiki content


Clothing items added into the mod.

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