1.14 Guide To Tardis Mood

In 1.14, Tardises are known to have emotion and mood, unlike their 1.12 counterparts. Their mood and emotions will affect your experience flying the Tardis. A furious or depressed Tardis will land far away from your destination, forcing you to walk there manually. In the future, an upset Tardis may attempt to take off without you or open its doors mid-flight, dropping you through the vortex. A satisfied Tardis will land where you desire it to and will not try to end your life.

How do I find out the Mood of my Tardis?

If you begin to notice your Tardis’s lighting is starting to take on a more cold and lifeless shade of blue, this might be a sign that your Tardis is getting depressed or scheming a way to end your life. If so, it is advised you try to reason with the Tardis and do more activities with the Tardis in an attempt to higher the Tardis’s empathy for you and therefore not try to kill you. If your Tardis is radiating with a fiery orange or even bright red color, you and your Tardis are going along just fine. This color difference is best observed at the console as it gets fainter the further you are from it.

If you start to notice that your Tardis is not landing in the exact place that you desire, your Tardis may not be content with the way you treat it. This could be the Tardis attempting to force you to walk by foot, inconveniencing you by getting you lost. This magnitude of this is directly linked to your Tardis so the worst it feels, the more you're likely going to have to walk by foot. In the most severe cases, the materialization site of your Tardis may be up to 100 meters away from your intended destination in any direction. The opposite will also apply. If your Tardis is landing where you want it to without forcing you to walk anywhere, this is a sign your Tardis is very happy with the way you are treating it and doesn't want to resist you reaching your destination.

What do you mean by Lighting?


This Tardis is happy with its living conditions. The bright oranges and yellows are what you should strive for if you want smooth and accurate flights with your Tardis.