Introduction to Regeneration

Regeneration is an iconic ability of Time Lords that allows them to cheat old age and survive otherwise fatal injuries by regenerating every cell in their body.

How to gain the ability to regenerate?

To become a Time Lord, one must craft a fob watch, which when opened, will grant them 12 regenerations. The amount given can be changed by editing the config files to match your liking. There is also an option to have infinite regenerations.

What happens when you regenerate?

If you were to die with at least one regeneration left, your health will be cut in half and 5 absorption hearts will take their place. This enables you to run away from any buildings you don't wish to burn or anyone that is following you. Should you die in this state, you will automatically begin to regenerate. Once you are in a safe spot, you can start your regeneration process by pressing the bound key, by default it is R. You will be brought into a third-person mode where you can spectate yourself regenerate.

What happens after I regenerate?

After you regenerate, you will be granted a random gene that allows you to do things an average player will not be able to do like swim in lava or climb walls. You will also be put in the post-regeneration phase. If you die in this phase, you die for good. Several random debuffs and buffs will be given to you, due to the traumatic experience of every cell in your body dying and suddenly brought back to life. After the post-regenerative phase is over, you can resume life as a normal human being. You can use /regeneration fast-forward to skip this phase.

What happens after I use all of my regenerations?

After you use all your regenerations, you will become a simple human being. You can regain the ability to regenerate again by crafting a new fob watch. If you die without regenerations, you die like normal.