Changelog: 1.2-The Crash Update



  • New villager trades - ancient artefact map will lead to crashed ships and maybe timeships too
  • Story Teller Villager, maybe they have heard of legends of old crash sites based on sights they saw on their telescope :) 
  • Telescope Block, decorative, used as a workbench block for StoryTeller Villagers
  • Crashed ship structures generated randomly in the world
  • Observatory village structures spawn near desert or savanna plateau type villages, houses the Story Teller Villager
  • Police Box Exterior and Interior Door model!
  • Tardis Monitor Scanner Mode - allows you to see a live preview of the chunk around the Exterior, including blocks, tile entities and fluids! 
    • Hold Sneak then right click the monitor to switch between Scanner Mode and the standard Information mode
  • Ships Computers - can extract exterior schematics from it using a sonic
  • Sonic Slot Control - placing sonic in it will download any schematics the sonic has in it to the Tardis
  • Communicator Control - allows you to find distress calls! Requires interstitial antenna sub system to be installed
  • Door Control - toggle opening, closing, unlocking and locking of Tardis door
  • Stabiliser control - toggles unstabilised flight
  • Unstabilised Flight!
    • Quicktime events turned on by default
    • Has a certain timeframe in which to press the correct control, the time you have depends on the throttle setting. Minimum throttle is 10 seconds, maximum throttle means 5 seconds
    • May require multiple controls to be pressed 
    • Failing to press a control can damage sub systems
    • Is twice as fast as stabilised flight, but uses double the fuel
  • Item Reclamation Unit Block - saves all items placed in containers, item frames or armor stands and any used leashes within a 20 block radius of the console, spawns beside the console after you change interior
  • Fortune Teller Exterior and Interior Door
  • Galvanic Console
  • Alabaster Interior
  • Interstitial Antenna subsyem, required for communicator to pick up distress signals


  • Tardis Manual now is data driven, uses jsons that can be replaced using data packs
  • Some exteriors are now locked behind "ship schematics" that found in crash ship computers, download them with your sonic and plug it into your console 
  • Fortune Teller Exterior now requires an advancement to unlock - find and enter a witch hut
  • Nautilus interior now requires an advancement to unlock - hold a Nautilus shell
  • Tardis Manual entries - new information on sub systems, controls and a start on flight modes
  • Sub system damage values changed
  • Dematerialisation Circuit durability increased from 250 to 1000,takes 1 damage per 1-5 seconds of flight
  • Fluid links take 1 damage on takeoff, 1 damage on land
  • Chameleon Circuit takes 1 damage on land, and a random chance to taking more damage as well
  • Vortex Manipulator GUI - now prevents teleport if a non-integer character is inputted, tells you which textbox the issues is occuring in and shows the current player’s coordinates in its corresponding textboxes
  • Vortex Manipulator now plays a sound at its start point and a different sound at its destination
  • Waypoint GUIs - reordered to be more user friendly, Waypoint Creation GUI now has textbox and positioning enhancements to clarify user interactions
  • Sonics can now make dispensers dispense items!
  • Chameleon Circuit item model update
  • Control Nametag Displays now render lower
  • Stattenheim remote is now functional, tool tips still need work
  • Tardis Emotional changes: 
  • Gain 1 loyalty every 4 seconds during unstabilized flight
  • 5 loyalty and 20 mood penalty for flight event fucked up
  • Can't gain more than 1.5x Estatic threshold by flying
  • A TARDIS can get all the way to sad by being abandonment

Bug Fixes 

  • Vortex Manipulator will no longer teleport you into bedrock if you use the top block setting, original search logic from v1.0 has been restored
  • Vortex Manipulator GUIs not scaling with different GUI scales
  • Fixed a bug where you can still give gifts to Tardises if that Tardis is owned by someone else or you already own a Tardis, the client was previously desynced from the Server
  • Alembic not saving its progress on the client when the world reloads
  • Server crash issue involving client classes trying to load on servers
  • Dimension helper crash
  • Fixed TARDISes being able to travel past the world border 
  • Sonics always interacting twice
  • Sonics not rendering when in search creative tab, they will now display the mk2 casing by default
  • External Scanner crash involving mob heads
  • Tardises spawning infinite armor stands
  • Tardis Exteriors not unloading the chunk they were in once they have dematted, caused severe server lag and prevented mobs from spawning

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