Changelog: 0.0.5A - The BOTI Update

0.0.5A - “The BOTI Update” - 10th August, 2018

This version is the first version of the mod with a functional Bigger On the Inside feature.

  • Added new exteriors + Chameleon Circuit
  • Added interior doors which change depending on the exterior
  • Added new console unit (interior yet to come)
    • Hell Bent
  • Added Cybermen and Daleks
    • Tomb Cybermen
    • Invasion Cybermen
    • Time War Daleks
    • Skaro Daleks
  • Added TARDIS systems which get damaged in flight
  • Added Bigger On The Inside (experimental)
  • Added a Stattenheim Remote to summon the TARDIS
    • Needs to be synced to Tardis using 1 of two methods:
      • Right click console with remote
      • Combine remote with a synced Tardis key in a crafting grid. This gives the player a synced remote and the original key
    • Can be desyned from a Tardis by placing synced remote in a crafting grid. This gives back an empty remote
  • Added Fluid link system
    • Essential for flight
  • Added TARDIS Coral which is used to grow a TARDIS
  • Added Rift chunks which speed up the growth and fuel time of a TARDIS
  • Updated some textures and models
  • Space suit lets you breathe underwater
  • Added clothing
    • 4th doctor’s hat
    • 13th Coat
  • Added rematerialization and dematerialization animations for exterior
  • Added randomly occurring dalek invasions of villages
  • Added a holoprojector to display your TARDIS' surroundings - one chunk area around Tardis exterior
  • Added symbiotic nuclei to grant the player regenerations (WIP)
    • Prevents player from dying 12 times, no animation etc.
  • Added TARDIS sub systems
  • Added bio-dampener
  • Bug fixes
  • Tardis in a Tardis - (Let Tardis A be one Tardis and Tardis B be another Tardis)
  • Leaving Tardis doors open when in flight will suck player towards door and instantly kill player (as they are exposed to time vortex)
  • Tardis exterior block now emits Tardis hum if doors are left open

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