The Moon is a natural satellite orbiting the Overworld.

Travel Itinerary

The player can travel to this planet via their Tardis. To do this, toggle the Dimensional Control, select “Moon” and pull the Time Rotor Handbrake to start the flight.


  • Day/Night Cycle: Yes
  • Gravity: Double of Overworld’s acceleration due to gravity
  • Dimension ID: Dynamic


The Moon does not have known unique biomes. The surface is composed of a singular "Moon" biome.

Geological Features



The surface of the Moon is mostly composed of Moon dirt and stone. Craters can be occasionally observed across the surface, of varying radii.


The Moon has a large underground network of circular tunnels.


No mobs spawn naturally on the Moon.

moon-craters.png moon-night.png
Figure 1 - Craters on the Moon, of varying radii Figure 2 - Night time on the Moon.


  • The Overworld can be seen in the sky during daytime.
  • If the player is in Creative flight mode or Spectator mode, the player will continuously levitate until they disengage flight mode or switch out of spectator mode.

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