Tardis Coral


The Tardis Coral is a block that allows for the growth of a Tardis.


Crafting Recipe

Name Ingredients Recipe
Tardis Coral
  • 4 x Oak Wood Planks
  • 4 x Redstone Block
  • 1 x Tardis Key




The Tardis Coral can be used to grow a Tardis.

  1. To do this, first craft a coral.
  2. Then place the coral on any block, with a space of at least 3x3x4 blocks (length, width, height).
  3. As of 0.0.9B, there is no further maintenance required to nurture the coral’s continued growth.
  4. The coral will grow into a functional Tardis after two Minecraft days.
    1. If the player places the coral in a Rift Chunk, this growth time is halved.
  5. After two days has past, the player will receive a Tardis key and the player’s Tardis will materialize in the place of the coral.


  • The coral’s appearance is inspired by video footage  from the deleted scenes of the 'Doctor Who' episode, Journey’s End, behind the scene image from the spin-off show Torchwood and a 'Doctor Who' comic, The Culling.


block.coral-0.png block.coral-1.png
Figure 2 - Tardis coral when first placed down. The coral will begin to grow as soon as the player places it down. Figure 3- Tardis coral at second growing stage. The coral is taller and grows larger branches.
block.coral-2.png block.coral-3.png
Figure 4 - Tardis Coral at third growth stage. The coral is slightly taller than the second stage coral and has more branches. Figure 5 - Tardis Coral at the fourth and final stage of growth. The coral starts to form a cylindrical shape - the beginnings of the outer plasmic shell. The ARS core is shown in the centre of the coral, which will allow the outer plasmic shell to form around it.