Tardis Commands

The mod adds in some commands to help users and administrators manage their Tardis more easily.

/tardis create

Usage: /tardis create

This command allows the user to create a broken Tardis exterior with 101 loyalty value. This provides the user with a quick method of obtaining a Tardis. 

/tardis interior

Usage: /tardis interior {Username} {Target}

This allows a user who owns an existing Tardis to teleport their Tardis' interior position. This syntax is similar to Minecraft's Teleport Command.

  • The username is the player you will be teleporting.
  • The target is the username of the player who owns the target Tardis.

The player being teleported will appear at the Tardis console of the target Tardis.

/tardis refuel

Usage: /tardis refuel {number}

This allows the command executor to add the specified number of Artron Energy to their Tardis. If the amount entered will exceed the Tardis' total Artron Bank capacity, the Tardis will be refueled to the limit of its capacity instead.

/tardis remove_exterior

Usage: /tardis remove_exterior {X} {Y} {Z}

This allows the command executor to remove a Tardis Exterior at the specific X Y Z coordinates. These XYZ coordinates must correspond to the position of the Tardis Exterior Block

The reason this command exists is because you cannot use the Minecraft /setblock command to remove the Tardis Exterior, due to how the Tardis exterior block was implemented.

/tardis setup

Usage: /tardis setup

This allows the command executor to setup their Tardis for flight. This adds Artron Capacitors, all Subsystems to the Tardis and gives the command executor a Tardis Key.

/tardis unlock

Usage: /tardis unlock {exterior/interior} {namespace_id}

This allows the command executor to unlock a Tardis Console Room (Interior) or Exterior for the command executor's Tardis.

  • The exterior argument means you will be unlocking an exterior for your Tardis.
  • The interior argument means you will be unlocking an interior for your Tardis. 
  • The namespaced_id argument is the identifier name for the exterior/interior you are unlocking. 
    • For example, tardis:interior_steam will unlock the Steam Interior

Compatibility with Minecraft and Minecraft Forge

By default, commands added by this mod require the command executor to be operator (OP) level 2 or higher.

Some commands may require a higher operator level. Such cases will be specified above.

All commands are compatible with Minecraft Forge's Permission API and Minecraft's in-built permission system. This allows Tardis commands to be run inside command blocks, MCFunction files, /execute commands and more.

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